1:24 X-Wing Red 3 **WIP**

Haha me too! :lol:

Honestly, I have been stuck until I can figure out these darn AX paints. I have all of the panel colors down. Now it's the weathering that has me a bit stumped. I don't want to just hose down the model with dark colors and call it a day. But there's so much surface area on these larger models, that I feel like I need to do something to every square centimeter or it won't look right.

So anyway. Kind of stuck at the moment.


First, those parts look amazing, nice work! I love taking different 3D models and pulling in and or modifying and generally just mashing up the parts to get what I am after, look great!

Second, for the weathering, the larger ships (IMO) are a bit more difficult to tackle. I might suggest the process I used on my blockade runner. Part of that was to really thin down the paint and pretty much just spray a few areas at a time, let it sit for a moment and then just take a small sponge and dab it off randomly. I also put down a good amount of the latex paint mask in several areas take care to overlap some areas with different colors. Lark Dark, Grime and Light Earth are great for this. Light Earth and Earth are my favorite paints to get that stored in a closet for 50 years look but be careful, it can cover up the entire thing in a hurry..

Also, go back and review the early John Simmons YouTube, lot's of nuggets in there on weathering the X-Wing.

Keep it up, looking great!
I highly recommend trying oil paints. They're cheap, easy to get, and incredibly forgiving. A very little bit goes a long way. I prefer to gloss coat the model and then use oils, while others prefer a matte coat, but I like the flexibility of the gloss coat. I can come back two days after applying oils and if I don't like it I can change it or get rid of it completely. I weathered my blockade runner mostly with oils and I'm doing the same with my Razor Crest.

If you have questions about oils feel free to ask.


I'm still weathering the Razor Crest.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. The prints for the engine nozzles came out great! This is definitely the direction I am gonna go with this bird. I placed one of the nozzles on the engines and took a quick photo. This is just after it was cured, straight off the printer, so it's kind of hard to see the details. I shot all four (well, I actually printed five of them just in case something happened with one of them) with some primer late last night, and the details just pop! I am going to try and get a coat of paint on them tonight and I'll post some more photos.



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