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Looks great ! I'll have to get a couple come payday.
Re: the lines - I wonder if a primer on the thick side like Mr. Surfacer would be enuff to minimize them?


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I think so, but there are ways to get better quality. There's the polyjet printers that are higher resolution than stuff that Shapeways prints. There's also printers that were made to print for jewelry that print at even higher resolutions--only problem with those is that it's a type of wax and so you would have to cast the pieces afterwards since they wouldn't be suitable to use in a project directly.


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Finally got it finished, I had other projects to work on an didn't get around to finishing it.

Shapeways messed up on the first two prints, printing the wrong file along with having big printing issues, they were poor quality with ripples and roughness on them, plus they were both with broken pieces.

The last one was much better and didn't have any ripples and minimal roughness, and all the guns arrive unbroken.

If anyone's interested in getting a print, this is the link:

Blockade Runner Modified by darthviper107 on Shapeways

BTW, I'm not getting any money off this, I'm just putting it up there.

Anyways, here's the pics. The fiber optic lighting worked pretty well, it was easier to get it in than when I tried it before. Just make sure you paint things black first to block the light. Since the model is clear it shines through pretty well.
I don't have a good light within the bridge, just one fiber optic which you can barely see, but the engines turned out well.

BTW does anyone know of a good glue that I can use that won't melt fiber optics? I don't have the back actually attached to the front because the fiber optics are close to where it needs to be glued, all the good glue I have would melt them.

Anyways, I actually got 2nd place at the IMPS show with this today, I was really happy with how it turned out. Forgive the poor image quality, all I have is my camera phone

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