1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2 *FINISHED PICS PAGE 4*


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Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

This is amazing work.
I am building Atlas a bit closer to full scale. Mine has a 16 inch head.
No 3d printer, so the costs are lower, but the work is more.
I shop at Game Stop. Would be cool to win such an amazing work of art.

Jawa Lunk

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Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

Looks awesome...why not full scale? Just wondering. That curiosity does not dissipate any of the 1/2 scales awesomeness by the way LOL :thumbsup


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Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

I shop at Game Stop. It would be cool if I won this amazing Atlas you are building.

Atlas Scare Portal 2 - YouTube
Here is a link to an animation I made of Atlas. I am working on an almost full scale Atlas robot. So I needed the 3d model of him. Once I got the model, I had to have some fun.


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Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

Hey guys thanks for the great comments!

Here is how the first one turned out, custom base, etc. This just shipped, now we're making another for Valve.









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He looks great.
Wish Valve would have let you make copies of the parts to sell for Valve and your selves.
If you had had time to make molds the price of the next one would be much lower, but they didn't let you, so everyone who wants one will haft to build their own.
They should at least sell a toy. What are they thinking.
They could make a ton of money selling Atlas, P-Body, GLaDOS, cubes and portal guns.
Fans would have loved it too. Come one Valve, Christmas is coming in a few months.
Well I have a 16 in globe to use to make a large, but not full scale Atlas. He can play with my talking turret once I get then both made and working.


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This is awesome. All the work! I have access to a CNC and a laser cutter, and I've thought of using them in the past for different aspects of projects, but this is crazy!

So, when do I need to shop at gamestop to be eligible to win this?


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This is a thing of complex beauty. Love it. Wish Valve would get on board with making soem consumer models of these.
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