1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2 *FINISHED PICS PAGE 4*


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Hi Everyone,
This came up a few weeks ago in another thread, before I could post anything about this project. I am excited to say I am allowed to spread this around now!

After the RPF's own Volpin suggested us, we were hired by GameStop to build a full scale Atlas bot from Portal 2, to be given away as a prize for their Epic Giveaway Sweepstakes. This was funded by Valve, and so we were later asked to upgrade the order to two bots. The second will be installed at Valve. We also worked out a more appropriate scale in terms of logistics and budget, arriving at 51.02 % of full scale.

Real quick here is how the build is shaping up thus far (6-5):








Here's the breakdown:

We were given the 3D mesh file, and the textures for reference, as well as some detailed renderings.

3D mesh:

The mesh was way too faceted to print directly so we re-modelled the entire design using their mesh as reference. We were also able to mechanically design parts to fit together for assembly. One of our favorite adjustments was the use of aluminum rod for all the cylinder rams, which let us index parts together, and show off real metal which is hard to get across in painted faux finish.

remodelled parts for 3D printing (SLA)

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Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

haven't put the portal gun together yet, but remind me later and I can get you that dimension! Thanks for the kind words, we're fairly proud of this guy but the second will benefit from everything we learned on this first guy.

We CNC cut forms for vacuum forming the eye bezel, eyelids, and eyebrow panel




And we CNC cut hemisphere forms to be moulded and cast in fiberglass as the main body




Laser cut some brackets and tabs from acrylic

We had planned on turning all the simple cylinder shapes, but opted to FDM print them instead based on time constraints

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Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

This is awesome. Thank you very much for sharing!

Seconding the need for portal gun length. Would also be quite lovely to get a better look at that official mesh if at all possible :D
Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

Is that a fixed pose or can you manipulate it however you want? Its such a detailed build its hard to tell! Looking forward to this.
Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

thanks for the great comments guys, I have a few hundred pics that I'm going to sort through and throw up here, and there are a few on our website if you wanna check it out it's in my signature. I'll be updating this in the next few days so stay tuned!
Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

I am truly blown away by the sheer level of skill that is presented here.

An amazing job, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!
Re: 1/2 scale Atlas from Portal 2

This is awesome! :D I'm following this, Why not simply put all the pictures on a flickr account, even if 10 pictures are of the same thing at the same time, I would still watch them all :D
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