‘The Rocketeer’ returns to El Capitan with cast and crew

I believe the memorabilia will only be available at the event and whatever leftovers might be offered to d23 members in the d23 boutique.....

I am going to be there at the event, so whatever i can get my hands on...i will try my best to get extras for you and rob.......

just let me know what you guys are interested in before the event

Thanks, Michael... That's way too cool!! :thumbsup. I'll get with you before the big day.
I'll be there as well, and will only be buying certain items, so if something is really limited let me know and I'll try and score an item if Michael is limited to #/person.

- Jeff
I wish they would sell one figure - doesn't matter if it's a kit or not - just one figure of the Rocketeer with his original comic book style rocketpack. I know the Bowen statue has it but I already have that - I'd love something new.
I'd be super interested in a poster if its in the $30.00 or so range could send some thank you items for the trouble.
Although Kevin Smith is a mediocre choice for moderator--at a BSG panel several Comic-Cons ago, Jamie Bamber seemed ready to open a can of whup-@$$ on Smith because of his obnoxious moderating--I loves me some Rocketeer and joined D23 just to get preferred seating for this event. :)
Jet Beetle couldn’t have put it more perfectly earlier, what irks me about Smith beyond the obvious which there is a wealth to pluck from is that he’s clearly uninformed in his familiarity with most of the content he’s there to provide narration for and still manages to always segue back into three constants, his career, weight and phallic humor. And considering his rather sassy mouth and detestable exchanges in past events being the MC at a Disney event is very at odds and the audience and panel guests will suffer for it unfortunately.
Jeff and Michael, I sent you an email. Hope you got it!! :angel

Yes I did. U sent it to my spam email haha. I use that email for junk email. I'll send a text or email to Jeff to work out a plan to get ur and robs items. Some of the items are ridiculously expensive. Too rich for my blood And that says a lot haha

I'm planning to get poster. Pins. Shirts. I had my eyes set on the model model but way to high
Yeah, I was a bit disillusioned at the prices. I had heard about the giclee print and was hoping it would be affordable but $500 for what is essentially a poster (albeit a very nice quality poster) is way outside my ballpark.

It is some nice stuff... I sent EvilSantateer my wishlist :p I really appreciate you guys looking out for us poor schlubs that can't make it and whatever works out will be cool.

I'd really have liked hooking up with the gang of finheads and hanging out too. I've yet to meet Bob in person for that matter. Maybe if they have a 25th or 30th anniversary showing somewhere then the stars will align for me to make it :angel
us poor schlubs that can't make it and whatever works out will be cool.
Maybe if they have a 25th or 30th anniversary showing somewhere then the stars will align for me to make it :angel

Living in California does have it's advantages even though it is extremely expensive to live here

Prices = Typical Disney. Maybe, they are trying to make up all the money they thought the rocketeer was going to make in the box office haha....

Well, I am happy they are hosting this event which kinda surprised me. So I should be a happy camper.....
They know a loyal fanbase exists and with that they can offer a limited number of whatever and people will buy it. Mostly this is due to the fact that there is almost nothing out there by way of collectables. I was saddened to hear from a friend of mine the other day telling me there's talk at the studio about finally doing a sequel to Rocketeer - where this may seem like good news on one hand, it's truly not. First off, it's suspicious that this rumbling started right after Dave Stevens passed, meaning he will have no input at all - he did have a some on the first film, but his input no matter how small is worth it's weight in gold. Second, everyone is too old, so this won't be the Nazi rocketpackers vs Rocketeers, it's going to be a Reboot and I just don't think I'm up for a CG 1930's rocketman movie. With a little luck- this will all just go away.
^agreed. I really dont want to see a sequel. The first film was a perfect stand alone film and I see no point in remaking this film or having a sequel......

Hollywood needs to lay off on the classics
Can't wait!

ER- Amanda and I will hopefully be getting up there pretty early, I took the day off and she's trying to get it off too.

I'll most likely be wearing my Rocketeer Jacket, so if any fellow RPF's spot me, please say hi!

I'll try and get a couple extra items if I can. I'm mainly looking at the shirts, poster and pins.

- Jeff
I'm getting off work at 2pm and heading up to los angeles after i pick up my two guests........Forgot I had training, so I am only allowed to leave work at 2pm.....i should be out there by 4 or less depending on traffic.....

I think I am going to leave my rocketeer jacket at home....the thing gets way too hott to wear

Plus, i am going to take my first draft production script to get it signed hopefully
If you wanna look cool just sling it over your shoulder.

I plan on being there around 5, I'll be going south so shouldn't run into much traffic.

Haha, the jacket is way too heavy too.....I need arm space to buy memorabilia and other stuff, but I will be wearing my design setters rocketeer crew shirt

Well, I am coming from orange county and traffic can be hell depending on what time i leave....so i am going to try to leave the earliest time possible
I'm driving out from Arizona but plan on getting there around 5. I've never been to the El Capitan before, do they generally line you up outside or let you into the lobby?
I would like to take this moment to officially say to everyone going...

...I hate you :lol

Seriously, I hope you guys have a GREAT time, and give us a full report when you return.

(Hoping for a Blu-Ray/New DVD press of The Rocketeer will be announced)
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