VIDEO(s): The Black Hole deleted scene and cast interviews


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So there were reportedly extremely few deleted scenes from the 1979 Disney classic. This scene, which explored a romance between Kate and Dan, was shown during an interview with actress Yvette Mimieux around the time of the movie's release. I’m not sure you can find this clip anywhere else. It’s not on the DVD/Blu-ray.

There is/are so little behind-the-scenes/production video and photos that exist from this film, it’s MADDENING. There are only a handful of pictures of BTS filming the starships on screen, some of the model shop and robots, and the movie rap party (where attendees wore some of the costumes from the film).

Even the making of the Black Hole/ YouTube video, only has years-later interviews with some of the production team, and clips from the film, and NO interviews with the cast. The following are from the Bobbie Wygant interview archive on Youtube, and are wonderful quick cast discussions during the making of the film.

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...and is it just me, or does Maximillian Schell sound an AWFUL lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger? At least in his cadence and pronunciation.
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