‘The Rocketeer’ returns to El Capitan with cast and crew

What all was talked about by the panel? Is that Rocketeer: Excitement in the Air playing in the background?

That was the ending William Dear wanted to do, but they didn't like it. The preferred ending they did was when Cliff's flyer buddies flew along with him to take down the zeppelin.

I'm going to leave out all Kevin Smith details for now. Joe Johnston revealed he hadn't seen The Rocketeer since the premier 20 years ago. He said he never realized how much humor was in it. The highlight of the panel was Bill Campbell revealing he was working at the renaissance fair when he got the part. Rick Baker said he was embarrassed by the Lothar makeup not moving when he spoke. Somebody asked about a sequel, but everybody already knows why that didn’t happen. They were very strict about recording anything (I guess because of the Captain America trailer), and this was the one event I really didn’t want to risk being thrown out of.
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Also, did anyone else see Thomas Jane at the prop exhibit? He had a Master Replicas Rocketeer Helmet and a Rocketeer t-shirt on. As we were leaving, he took the stairs to the 2nd floor to go to a party.

Awww, I wish I knew you were going to be there. It would have been nice to meet up and chat a little. Hmmmm, maybe we were standing next to each other because I was talking to him for a bit near the stairs.

Thomas Jane is a huge huge Rocketeer and Dave Stevens fan...H ie very passionate about dave's work and legacy......I kinda felt bad for him....carrying around a master replica helmet....i'm going to hook him up with a better helmet....evilrocketeer style....really nice guy.....

Okay, I finally have time to write about my day.

Well, I can honestly say this was one of the best days of my life and it couldnt get any better. I treated my brother and sister to this event

I was too excited the night before and couldnt sleep, so i was going on 2-3 hours of sleep but had a little help with a friend called monster energy drink. Being sleep deprived didnt help because I was totally oblivious several moments during the event.

I started the event by meeting up with Utinni and his awesome gf. We hanged out before the event for a few hours CHATTING away about several things.

During this time, i notice there was a man holding Rocketeer prints and I started to talk to him. Well, oblivious moment number 1 haha. I was talking to William Stout the whole time and didnt know. Ugh.

Later on Utinni and I were standing in line and I noticed this 7 foot tall guy standing in the D23 members line. I made my sister go ask him if he was Tiny Ron (Lothar). He told my sister yes, so we went over to go talk with him. He was surprised that I recognized him. I took a few pictures with him and had him sign my production script. It was kinda funny because people standing close to him didnt recognize it was Lothar. Tiny Ron is an amazing guy and a true gentleman. He was very polite and a truly genuine nice person. He stayed at the event until 1am signing everything fans wanted to get signed.

The sad thing was that he was standing in the D23 line and not the special guest area with the other cast and crew. So, I went up to one of the outside supervisors for D23 and told them that the actor who played Lothar in the film is standing in line outside and thought he deserved to be a special guest vip. A few minutes later another supervisor comes out and escorts Tiny Ron and His wife into the theater. The supervisor came out later to thank us about informing them.

I met a few rpf and finhead members outside in line. I finally got to meet Rocketbobs and another person who makes the acme kits. Mooniteman was there as well. Totally great guy and very friendly. I was trying to find one of my disney online buddies, but couldnt find him. I even went around asking people if they were rpf members haha. I was partially distracted and fellow member Thom came up and introduce himself to utinni and I. I didnt recognize him and felt bad. I finally figured out who he was, but he already walked away. Then saw Starwarsgeek in the lobby and met his gf.

Later on, I met with Thomas Jane in the side lobby. We talked a few about the rocketeer and the helmet he was holding. It was a fun chat.

Enter Oblivious moment. I walked down the aisle and met up with Utinni. He tells me to turn around. I didnt see anything. He told me to look and I walked past Billy Campbell. Ugh. He was talking with Lothar. Billy Campbell is a great guy. He signed my script and took a picture with me. He asked where I got the script etc etc...Fun times.

On my way, to my seat. Joe Johnson was near the back signing autographs. I was very lucky to get his autograph because a disney employee came over to end autograph signing to start the show. He saw my script and said he can sign one more. He asked where I got this particular script from haha..

The show was great. The digital version was nicely done, however there were few scenes that were smudgy.

During the film, I ran to use the restroom, so i didnt have to go during the q/a. I bumped into the one of screenwriters that wrote the rocketeer haha. Unfortunately, I left my script with my brother. He recognized me from facebook haha. I asked where the other screenwriter was and told me he just walked past me...Ugh another oblivious moment....

The q and a was great. Kevin Smith was pretty funny and kept the cast, crew and audience members laughing. Surprisingly, Joe Johnson is a pretty funny guy. CRacking jokes here and there. During the q/a, he mentioned how he was praying for wind on the griffith observatory filming day. They wanted the american flag to blow behind the rocketeer, but they coudnt afford a high powered fan to do it

Afterwards, heading to the hollywood prop house. I ran into BRianM. He is a Rpf member here. I met his wife and we talked about the props from the rocketeer.

At the after party thingy, I basically stood in line buying memorabilia. Gosh i blew way too much money haha.

I met up with Paul De Meo (screenwriter) and his daughters. He was really surprised to see the script I owned and asked where I got it. He told me about the script and the history behind it. (which explains why campbell and johnson asked where i got it from). He even pointed out that the ending is different from the theatrical release. We talked about the different drafts that were made and told him I own a few drafts among clerical notes, requests, and some last minute script changes documents haha. It was definitely a fun chat. I talked to his daughters afterwards. A very friendly family. They even went up to their dad and told them that I was still looking for danny (other screenwriter). Well, they didnt notice i was nearby and overheard them haha. I told them i still had no luck, so Paul and his daughters led me to him haha....Talked to Danny and had him signed my script. Took a picture with. Absolutely a great time.

I also got it signed by rick baker.

The prop room was great, but a little disappointed. I was expecting a ton of props, but there was only a few. Two Rocketpacks, lucky lindy stop motion puppett, geebee, jenny dress, and two rocketeer costumes (one with oil all over it). My sister said ******** like me keep buying the props, so disney doesnt have any left over.

The ArmChair Archivist from D23 interviewed me on camera. It was great. I was super nervous and mumbled a few times. He said the powers of edit will help me out haha

The event was fun......a really great event.....
Was Dave Steven's mother (mother? I can't remember who's in charge of his estate and properties) there to represent him?

Sounds like a really cool time.

Fun trivia about Tiny Ron - when he was in full Lothar make-up, no one went up to him and was really afraid of him. I think I read something like on the second or third day, someone had the idea of taping his headshot on his chest to show everyone it's just s/fx makeup and after that people started walking up to him and chatting and being friendly.
Was Dave Steven's mother there
They said she was, but was stuffed way up in the balcony of the theater. I didn't see her

Yeah it was an awesome day! And was hilarious watching ER walk RIGHT past Bill Campbell... and others :p

I'll have my pix up soon!

- Jeff
Here's a handful of pictures from my "old school" iPhone 3GS:


A fellow "Finhead"


Screen-Used Rocketeer costume


My friends Sam & Kelby chatting with Rick Baker
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