ZOMBIE TIN MAN from wizard of oz costume

What an awesome idea. Not sure how a man made out of tin could be a zombie, but I have to admit...it is FREAKIN' cool! I don't think that I will ever look at the Wizard Of Oz the same way again.

Well Done!
Thanks guys.
It was fun to cut loose a bit and make something from scratch based on a quick sketch.
I think this is the only non star wars related piece I've ever shown on the rpf in all 13 years of being on here.

If this were the Tin Man from the 1939 movie; the movie would have a whole different tone! I'll bet Dorothy wouldn't want to lay down in the Poppy field with this guy!

I was googling Tin Man costumes and came across this post. Is anyone able to provide me further details of the plastic used, has it been thermoformed, or just bent and rivited to shape? I would very like to produce my own version of this... Many thanks,

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