ZOMBIE TIN MAN from wizard of oz costume


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Here's a halloween costume project that I've been working on for a friend.
The theme is zombie wizard of oz (my idea) and I told him I'd help make the tin man.
The other costumes are dorothy, scarecrow, and lion, but I'm not working on those.
I drew up a rough concept and started making it from scratch.
It's super flexible ABS and will be relatively comfortable.
This is the progress so far.
Have to finish out the helmet, detail pieces on the armor, and then give it zombie weathering and blood.
I'll keep posting pics as it progresses.





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Thanks guys!

Here's still what's on the to-do list:
- Create armor for shoulder.
- Create armor for neck.
- Detail abdomen and neck seal.
- Attach eye pieces.
- Distress the entire costume to look grimy and bloody.
- Possibly include some sort of axe.

This whole thing was rushed together in just a few evenings and it has to be done by the end of tonight!

Here's more progress pics:







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Yep. It has to be done by tonight (Fri).
And I agree, has to have an axe.
I still have to add grime and blood and also finish the axe.

Here's the latest batch of progress pics:






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Thanks guys. It was fun little project only a few days in the making but I think it turned out okay.
I literally had about an hour to do all the weathering and blood before we had to leave.

Here are some pics of the finalized suit:






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