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Hey all, I've been working on and off on a project for a bit, and I'm hopefully nearing the end. I purchased a pair of Paragon's Ruby Slippers a while back and have just had them simply displayed on a yellow brick road that I made out of some insulation foam. I really wanted to build out a mini collection of Wizard of Oz props, and decided to start with the Tin Man's Heart. I went back and forth over a static prop like the film, or making one with a working clock. In the end, I decided to go with a working clock.

Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 3.43.04 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 3.45.14 PM.png

Step 1 was to figure out what size clock insert I wanted to use, as that would determine the final size of the heart. I went with this one from Amazon since it was most similar to the film in terms of the silver rim and the shape of the hands. The face is close too, but I am making one in Illustrator that I'll be printing out.


Next I made a heart in Blender, and cut out the dimensions needed for the clock to fit (which turned out to be sightly wrong the first 2 times I printed it, but I got there in the end). I inset it a little more because the silver ring was far too proud, so I made sure to inset it a few mm. I also made a bail/bow/whatever you want to call it...the little ring that the chain hooks onto. I wanted a metal one but wouldn't find the right size/shape/metal. I might have it professionally printed in metal one day, but PLA+ is good enough for me right now!

Heart head on.png

I have attached the .stl files. One folder is the whole heart and bow, and the other has everything split plus some alignment pegs since I found that was the best way to print it on my printer to minimize supports.

Bonus pic of my slippers and yellow brick road:



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After printing out the pieces at .15 layer height in PLA+, I super glued and clamped them together. Once the glue was fully cured I sanded, filled, primed, and repeated more times than I liked :lol: . As of today, I'm halfway through painting the heart red. I used Rust-oleum Apple Red Gloss spray paint. I painted the bow gloss black, then Rust-oleum metallic copper paint.

Ignore the chain in the 2nd pic. It came in aged/dull whereas the one in the movie was a bright copper color. I re-ordered the correct one a few days later.

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Last night I decided to work on the chain a bit. I'm still waiting on a few pieces to come in, but I could get the bulk of the flower work done.

The chain itself looks like a copper colored large-ish link. I'm not sure I nailed the chain exactly but went with the best readily available modern version I could find. Same goes for the toggle/t-bar clasp at the end, which I'm still waiting on. Sometimes that's just what happens when you're an amateur making a prop in your apartment 85 years after the original ;).

The chain is covered in 13 pairs of small daisies or chamomile flowers. I got some small 2cm silk flowers, popped the flower off of the stem, cut down the yellow post from the stamen area that also secures it to the stem and started gluing. I tried super glue at first but it would not stick/cure. I think whatever plastic the flowers are made of don't play nice with superglue... which was a first for me. In the end I decided to go with hot glue but if anybody has a better solution, I'm all ears!

Here's where I'm at now. Still waiting on the S hook for the clock end, and a t-bar for the other end of the chain. I left the ends WAY too long for now (better safe than sorry) and I'll shorten them to the correct length when the missing pieces arrive.

Chain 1.jpg
Chain 2.jpg
Chain 3.jpg
Chain 6.jpg
Chain 4.jpg
Chain 5.jpg
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Just a tiny little update for now. I've been having so many issues with spray painting the heart. First I stupidly mistimed additional coats, so the paint wrinkled, then I accidentally went every so slightly a bit too heavy so there was a slightly noticeable drip, then I finally nailed it and a gnat flew into the still wet paint. I just started a new attempt. There was lots of waiting for paint to cure then sand, so it's been a huge test of my patience. I think I'm almost at the finish line though. and if I'm not, I'll just dip the cursed thing in some lacquer and let that hide the mistakes. I really want to put this to bed so I can focus on my Kermit build.

I did receive the t-bar and clasp though, so the chain is 100% finished! I got both of these off of Amazon. They're not the most accurate but pretty close. To get more accurate parts, I would have had to spend over $100 each on ebay/etsy. For a t-bar and clasp...absolutely not! :rolleyes:

To attach, I just opened up the links on either end of the chain, slipped on the new pieces, and clamped the links shut again. If you do this, you might want to put a bit of painters tape or something on your pliers to help prevent scratches in the metal.


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