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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Zendragon, Jan 24, 2012.

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    (Not sure if this is a good place for this or Off Topic, so please move if needed)

    2012 is here and while we try to sort out the costume lineup, part of it is sorting out the costumes, the budgets, etc...

    I thought I would share

    So this is what's hopefully on tap.

    2012 CONS
    Mega Con? (got a room and passes lined up)
    Wonder Con ? (got a room and passes lined up)
    San Diego Comic Con
    Dragon Con

    Tony Stark/Iron Man


    I have some repair work to do to the armor. I also hope to have a functional helmet that opens and closes (few friends said they could make it happen). I plan to mostly use this armor for charity gigs during the year and for the Avengers launch. I may bring it to Wonder Con or SDCC.

    Sherlock Holmes


    I didn't get to do this for San Diego last year, so I will probably do it there


    Batman is going to get a good revamp this year by way of a new body suit and under suit. I expect to wear this to SDCC, D*C and C2E2


    Master Chief


    I got armor last year but wasn't able to put it together in time. There is still work to be done on it, but hopefully I will get it done this year and to SDCC and maybe D*C

    Han Solo


    I haven't done Han Solo since the Rose Parade but with CVI, it's time to bring it out.

    Jedi Knight SW:TOR


    With SW:TOR release, there are now soooo many costumes to do. I love the look of the armored Jedi, so I am planning for this costume also to be at CVI

    I will probably update this with project pics along the way... Stay Tuned.

    In addition to my stuff, Abby has several new costumes lined up that we will be including progress pics in. So more to come with those.
  2. Jedifyfe

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    It's so funny Keith. You are a man of a thousand faces. You can almost look like most people that you portray.
  3. aimeekitty

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    awesome stuff, Zen! You definitely need to wear your Sherlock more! It's AWESOME.
  4. mikey123mushukl

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    I liked your thomas jane punisher from way back when.
  5. Bizarro Lois

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    I have no desire to watch Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock Holmes movies, but you did a great job on the costumes. I think that's the first time I've see your Han - very nice.
  6. Jaedena

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    We'll see you at CVI :)
  7. blinddrummer15

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    Those look great!
  8. VinXero

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    I am planning an armored Jedi from SW:TOR for this years halloween costume.

    I can't wait.
  9. craden

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    one day i will make it over to the US and get to see these conventions :)
  10. Zendragon

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    Thanks Aimee!

    Oh yea, been a while since doing that, thanks

    Thanks, been a long time since Han. Look forward to doing it again.

    If everything goes well you sure will!


    Some good ones to attend!
  11. E-Wan

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    Awesome! Look forward to seeing you guys at Wondercon!
  12. Chuey

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    That's quite an extensive line-up. Nice to see some old favorites come back in along with bringing in new stuff. :)
  13. ZacharyHurst

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    Hey Zen!
    You are without a doubt the best Tony Stark as Iron Man That I have seen. I am going to be doing my version of that at megacon this year. Are you going to make it? I would love to see your stuff up close. You were a real inspiration to us in my first few builds. Hope to see you around.
  14. oculus1857

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    Where are you getting the Star Wars Jedi Armor from?
  15. Zendragon

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    I got it from a guy named Kevin W

    Looks decent.
  16. indiefilmgeek

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    These sound/look great! Hope to see you at D*Con this year! :):thumbsup
  17. mosarmini

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    Are you aware you're in Chad Vader's video on youtube? :D
  18. pinder91

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    Finally checking this out...

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for the SW:TOR Jedi. And I LOVE the color of your Han shirt. Nailed it!
  19. Zendragon

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    No I missed it... link?

    Thanks. I picked up my robe fabric and the under suit fabric. And gloves...
  20. mosarmini

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  21. Zendragon

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    Ah yes... that's me :)
  22. aelynn000

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    I stared at that picture of Han and Leia for a good 5 minutes trying to recognize the people and can barely do so. That is some serious costuming skill to be able to transform yourself so well! And your Sherlock group is nothing less than perfect. I've said it somewhere else before ( I think, maybe I just thought it ) but it is honestly SO WELL CAST. Each of you fit the part so, SO perfectly.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing more photos from these costumes!! I actually went to check out the dates for Wondercon and Megacon hoping I could swing something, but I didn't realize they were so close. Ah well...maybe next year!

    Though, I think you should add a Canadian convention to your list and hit up Fan Expo at the end of August. *nods*
  23. AbbyDarkStar

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    Can't wait for this year of costuming with you!!!
  24. Kearstin

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    Yay! Btw man you still freak me out when you don't have facial hair lol

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