yet another 'recasting' question


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Here's a specific example...

I'm making a holocron. It's a thing from starwars that can store various things, one of which is data.

Madcow had the idea to make a holocron and put a USB stick inside so a wire can plug into it and store data. Is it considered 'recasting' on therpf for me to also put in a usb drive?


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That's borrowing an idea, not recasting unless you flat out reverse engineered a working model he had created... Putting a USB drive in a 'data' storage prop isn't anything new, it's been done and tossed around many times in this community, for someone to claim 'rights' to it they would be grasping, and before you know it someone would claim they were the first to put a blinky light in a prop and had exclusive blinky light rights...

My advice give credit where credit is due, if you got and borrowed the idea from someone give them credit, don't claim it as your own idea...

Alan Castillo

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^ What he said. Just give credit for the idea :)

That's part of what the community is about - sharing, which includes ideas - and using ideas is just putting the sharing to practical use :)

Heck, there's many an idea I have 'taken' from the board, including ideas for displays etc. So long as there is no claim of an idea being your own, you're good to go :)
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