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It seems this will never be re-released--as it was or as the Y used in the films. I'm curious why someone hasn't swooped in with an aftermarket set to update it to the screen-used version. Is there too much involved structurally that it's almost a new kit or is it so minor it's not worth a whole set or someone's time to produce it? Or maybe I missed it? I may never even build mine--still wrestling with that idea--but I still wonder.
I dont understand your concern ?
Nice-N offered Red Jammer in its final state (only the piping changed after some repairs). When it was sent to Elstree the starboard side was unfinished (even the Tees were missing).
If you want an idealized version of the Red Jammer (same level of details than the yellow) you can mold the plant-ons and parts that are in your kits and that were also used on the starboard sides of the Yellow ones (check the refs for that or do it on your own since this is an idealized version) and replace the details (mainly on the starboard nacelle) that are unique to Red Jammer (and to this nacelle :)).
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My concern is based on the fact that I just don't really know the differences between the yellow Y in the film and the Red Jammer. Also, I thought that the guns/blasters on the top of the canopy were different and the yellow film Y added the droid. Also, I've seen forum posts where people mentioned that they wish the Red Jammer guys had taken the next step and released a "real yellow Y-wing" which suggests the differences might be significant. But mostly I'm just ignorant about the differences.
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They are all different so it's up to you to detail it the way you want, if you really want a Yellow Y with red markings (that sounds weird haha) you can buy the eFX Gold leader and repaint it, this is your best option if you dont want to work from the Red Jammer kit you have.
I feel like a rock star because Tox replied to me. You're a god of this site.

If you see my post elsewhere, you see this will be listed on ebay next weekend. The Y-wing has always been my favorite subject of anything in the real world or sci-fi, so buying this SS Y when it was available was a no-brainer. But as I've gotten out of the hobby, and I was never too big on SS in general, can't justify owning this. And I'd hate to have it in my closet knowing there was someone like me (me, three years ago) who couldn't own one. I'll post again next weekend when I get the pics together and list it. It came straight from Mike S, so whatever you find online is what I have.
Here is a pic of mine a while ago but you can see I am putting an RT in it but also have the original jammer part interchangeable so I can also display it in its original form. Same with the guns.



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The Red is relevant because it exists. It's odd for it's "original" BF109 guns on it's turret (which don't exist today), unfinished engine detail and odd detailing on the sides of the model.
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