Red 5 decal placement


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Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has a good guide to where all the markings/decals are on Red 5? I have some excellent decal sets, I just want to make sure they go in the right places!

Thank you!
There's not that many decals on red 5 - but a lot of the hash marks. Here's my sheet for studio birds

If I am remmebering right, it's mostly some text in a couple places and this red dot/text.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 1.58.30 PM.png
I have bought all three of your decal sheets and love them! Thanks for the info as well!

I’m doing a sort of ‘realistic’ interpretation of Red 5 rather than the studio model. I’m going to add some extra decals and aurebesh warning labels I think. I just wanted to add the originals too.

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