X2/X3 Cyclops Sunglasses

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by TimDrakeRobin, May 30, 2006.

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    Well I habe never been satisfied with lenses available for the Oakley Penny's that Scott sports in the films.
    So i went into research lol. The Ruby lenses that are so Rare and hard to find that were made by Oakley
    are still not quite right, they even have a bit of an orange/yellow tinge to them so I was in Hot Topic one
    day and I spotted the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: Wonka TV Room Goggles.
    The lenses were perfect. so I bought them

    The lenses were huge and really think compared to the penny lenses. So tonight i got up the guts to pop
    out the punny lenses, make stensils and bust out the dremmel. I cut the Wonka lenses to the same shape
    as the penny lenses, they still didnt fit. I got mad and threw the lenses down.

    After two episodes of friends and one of Doctor Who,(my new fav show) It came to me.
    The Penny lenses are tapered on either side of the lense. So a few more minutes with
    the dremmel and BAM, I was done.

    and now...THE PICS>
  2. YenChih Lin

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    On www.o-review.com, some members stated that this cyclops version was also a special customized one. The red tint was even deeper than the normal rubys, that James Marsden got headaches from it and couldn't distiguish red from other colors after a two hour wear. I think, you should go with the ruby, even if it still got some orange tint.

    They did it too for the X2 film, customizing for the actor.
  3. TimDrakeRobin

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    yea, but i want the deep red look and no other colors. These dont hurt my eyes at all. I can see just fine after wearing them too. I just like the deep red with no other colors much more.
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    :D :thumbsup looking good. great job
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    Wow I wish I could by that.

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