Wolverine and Sentinel Costume for Wizard Con 2015

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    I wanted to post a few pics up on the site for my two son's Wizard Con costumes we made. The First is my 5 year old's Classic Wolverine Costume. It was a very quick sewing job and one has to take into account I don't sew too much lol. He has had the Wolverine Cowl around for a few months and decided he wanted to Cosplay as him for Wizard Con. The Second one is for my 2 year old he Cosplayed as the Sentry. I was suprised that several ppl at Wizard World recognized him. Both of them stole the show and several people got their pictures taken with them. My 5 year old killed it at the Arrow Panel and one the Cosplay Contest there.
    I do want to give out a loud THANK YOU to Darkside501st for his amazing Wolverine Claws.And everyone should go check out his Etsy.com store under Dark Matter Props.

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