Wolverine X1 Costume Questions


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I did my best to slog through the "Wolverine all day baby" thread, I promise. Made two runs at it, in fact. It's just too dense and too much. :D

I just have a couple simple questions.

Can anyone provide me with links or brand names and part numbers to recommended costume pieces for:

Denim Jacket?
Watch? (I know the brand and make, but they seem rare. is there a "close enough" or does anyone have one for sale?)

I'm totally OK with "Close enoughs" as I'm sure most of the original pieces are either out of production or have all been gobbled up.

Thank you RPF!
I considered the same a while back, and then I realized I'm more of a Cyclops guy. Here's the list I put together (with as much X1 info as I could find that was specifically named) when I slogged through that thread myself:

  • Jacket: Vanson, Logan's Closet, Magnoli, Wested
  • Denim Jacket: Helmut Lang
  • Plaid Shirt: Close-Enough
  • Tank Top: Zimmerli for X2/3, but a typical gray should work for X1, yes?
  • Belt/Belt Buckle: Magnoli
  • Jeans: Levi's 517/527 (something slim bootcut, as I understand. I know this was more X2/3, but I like how they look on me.)
  • Boots: roper boots (kind of unfamiliar with what these are; a type of cowboy boot?)
  • Dog Tag: DarkMatterProps
  • Claws: DarkMatterProps
  • Watch: Magnoli for the strap, Red Monkey
Hope this helps!
Thank you Chris92 that is super helpful. The boot tip is a winner that's super helpful. Found a nice worn in pair on ebay for 40 bucks that's perfect!

If anyone has screen grabs or pics of the various shirts used in the movies, please post. Meanwhile I'll google!
Ok here's a new question:
Logan's hat FROM THE COMICS. any guidance on what kind of hat that might be? I know every artist draws it slightly differently but I don't know anything about that kind of hat, what the style is named... any of it. Anyone have any advice on where to start?


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All the info above is good. The Zimmerli tank usually had to be doubled up as it was really see through from what I remember folks talking about. But a normal grayish A shirt will do the trick (you can get a pack of hanes grey undershirts at walmart)

I could be remembering wrong, but Jackman tended to wear Frye boots in the movies. I can't remember the model but we're talking 20 plus years off so I doubt that model can be found. Any close enough will do and of course the "real" wolverine generally wore cowboy boots (which ropers are). Any decent dark brown Ariats will do the trick I'd think. General work boots would have the feel.

I don't see Logan wearing a straw hat that much as he tended to hang out in cold places (yes, you wear straw in the warmer months though) I'd say a felt stetson would be a good close enough. Usually in a brown or tan from what I recall in the comics. Nothing too crazy is needed. Their 3x or modest 4x buffalo wool felt line would be fine. I took a Stetson Powder River model and reshaped it with a Tear drop crown instead of the normal cattleman and it was a good looking "Logan" hat.

Keep in mind the "real" Logan has a rough lifestyle and wouldn't spend too much on his clothes (unlike movie Logan) which is why (aside from his upbringing) he'd tend to wear easy to acquire affordable hard wearing working man's stuff IMO. Jeans, wife beater, plaid shirt, boots, mutton chops and claws will create the comic Logan look with minimal effort.

Ironically by "The Wolverine" Jackman was wearing Wolverine Raiders. Which aside from the name made sense to me as Logan would wear hard wearing worker boots.

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