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Here are some pics of the Deadpool 3 Suit from Deadpool & Wolverine Movie.

Looks like there are some of the old Deadpool 2 parts still on it. Gloves, shoulder harness, wrist guards, chest knives, shoulder pads, belt pouches, and from what I can see.

New items:
2 Drop Downs Holsters and strap buckles
Deadpool Belt Buckle (Comic Style)
Shin Guards
Boot Toe and Heel Guard.
New Knife (intergraded into right Shin Guard)
Knee pads
The mask has a little smaller eyes, and the overall sculpture is a little different.
Longer black neck down to the chest.
Gold replacing everything sliver
Chest straps with gold hardware.
Leather rib straps with gold hardware
Ryan pooping or farting (you choose).
Possible Boner (not me Ryan see both pics below in nether region)

deadpool 2.jpg


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I get what you mean by the mask looking different, I'm not sure if it is because of his head tilted down or if they have a different face shell or bigger eyes.

the black stripe going down the chest looks like a little tie.
I don't think that's RR in the full suit up picture - legs look different

All the details now look gold as opposed to silver.
Belt pouches look slightly different and looks like more of them like the latest comic run
Leg pouches are longer and again look like the latest run
Boot knife looks different and no straps holding it on
Looks like heel armour?

Boots are unlikely to be the Skyweights, but if that is the stuntman, then we know he wore different ones anyway
My main man the infamous Funkster. Not sure if it's just the lighting on the small buckle pieces that are gold. The gloves look that way as well. I agree it's not Ryan probably that guy in the back of the car on Pic 1. Saw that heal armor too.
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I believe the boots are Danner. They used 511 boots for DP1, Danner boots for DP2.
Hey dude

Stunt boots were Danner, Hero boots were still the 5.11s for DP2
Soles are always a giveaway.

If you look at the scene where he hides behind the bar (just before 9 to 5) you can see the 5.11 soles. Same on the David Beckham advert.
Just after the truck crash, you can see the stunt boot sole.

As for DP&W it looks as if the Danners are still the stunt boots.
Couple of frames as he's thrown against the Fox Logo and you can see the soles, which look like the Danners

As for the Hero boots, I'm trawling all the shots to try and work out what they are
I learned something today. I took pictures of the actual DP2 costume at the Arclight in Hollywood it had the Danner boots and I guess it was the stunt suit. I just thought it was standard all the way around for DP2. Guess the stunt guy likes them better than the 511's. I have a pair of Danner's I just bought for my DP3 build. I guess I'll just be the stunt dude this time around lol.
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