Wolverine all day baby! Jackets, belts, claws, oh my.

Hello guys,
We just completed our final sample jacket of Wolverine DOFP Leather Jacket.
I have started a asperated limited run for DOFP leather jacket.

Hi all, can anyone recommend where to get a pair of wolverine gloves from X1? I have production made stunt claws and would like to create a display with them and the gloves. Thanks
I'm a little torn. I was smiling like a 5 year old when I saw the end of the teaser...... but I felt Logan was a great exit for Jackman. I get that this is Deadpool so it's not really in sync with any other movie but still...... kinda cheapens the goodbye.
Oh well. I'm in, and in theory makes Jackman Wolverine in the MCU..... Also, new gear hopefully!
So bummed. I bought the above DOFP leather jacket from IFA. Great jacket. Leather is thick and rich, wonderful leather smell.
Unfortunately a little too small for me, so it's available if anyone is interested. It's a size large, but a slim fit large. PM me.


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Anyone know who’s doing an accurate horsehide x-1? Like Logan’s closet used to make? Anyone have an opinion on vansons limited edition?
We can do a heavy cowhide X-1, which is close, but no horsehide, unfortunately.
Looking for leather like the X-1 and X-3. Mostly X-3. Thick and heavy. Very little or no shine. I don’t like the faux pre-distressed look tho. Not sure what leather I like but I’m pretty sure it’s full grain horse. Not grainy.
Danman, maybe best to e-mail us directly to discuss in detail. We can get a cowhide that is thick, heavy and smooth finish (little or no shine is not a problem) and we can leave it in "new" condition for you to let it distress naturally over time.
Looking for a nice quality DOFP leather jacket...at least a 44. I have one, but it is getting too small due to my gym training.
Let me know...Thanks!
I just listed my Vanson Wolverine Jacket in the Junkyard if anyone is interested. Its a size 38 and is just too small on me.

Super cool jacket. I wish it fit! I'm going to have to see if I can order a larger size from Vanson or maybe just go for the Bates.


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Looking for a nice quality DOFP leather jacket...at least a 44. I have one, but it is getting too small due to my gym training.
Let me know...Thanks!
I'd definitely recommend Jameel and his team....They matched my measurements superbly with the Thor jacket, and I ordered a Star Trek from them too, based on the trust I have for them, so I suspect that'd work best...

They might even be able to adjust the collar to the shorter and stubbier one you seemed to like for the DOFP....

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