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Wing Commander Confed Marine helmet


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This just arrived today. I know the movie was horrible, but the props were pretty cool. This is a screen used helmet and it even still lights up.





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Props are dayum cool. Nice to see it still lights up. The rifles from that film weren't bad either! nice snag! Movie bits is still around!?! He never answers my emails ;0
I have the whole suit to that Steve, mine is red version. The whole suit is powered up by a power tool battery ( but don't have the charger, so none of the power works now. When I got it it did have some power left ). It had a fan in the back pack, and the air actually goes through the hose from the pack to the helmet.
I also have the complete pilot helmet, flight suit. and a part Kilrathi.
Yup, agree 100%, not a great movie, but costumes are super cool.
Here is the thing, some times the worst movie has the best prop and costume


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Hm, maybe I am the only one here, but I have to admit :

I LIKE that movie :)

I have the red suit as well, but its not complete :-( and I have only one boot.
I do have some more costumes from that movie, I even own the pilgrim cross
one of my favourite props anyway
I am always looking for wing commander stuff. what a shame I did not see the Helmet ... nice one , really


Shot at 2011-03-02


Shot at 2011-03-02


Shot at 2011-03-02


Shot at 2011-03-02


Shot at 2011-03-02

Here are some of the Wing Commender stuff I have
I do have some more


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SWEET Wing Commander Props !!!! :love:love:love

I grew up and played every single one of the games. I still have them ALL - none will work right on Windows 7 even with the patches.

The props and Uniforms were cool. The Large Rifle is AWESOME !!!

I liked the movie because I loved the game !!

Thanks for sharing the pics. :love

I would love to see more shots of the rifle. I have not seen that anywhere except in the movie!!

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