Observations on Star Trek: Voyager Environmental Suit Helmet


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I'm not sure if this belongs here - I just noticed something about the environmental suit costumes while watching Voyager recently. Screenshots from Season 4, Ep. 16, "Prey":

It seems these costumes were the same ones used in Star Trek: First Contact, but they drilled vent holes at the bottom of the helmet, and did a pretty poor job of it. I noticed it in a previous S04 episode (Ep 3, "Day of Honor") as well.
I assume they may have had issues with the helmets fogging up and/or the actors not getting enough air. But the vent holes are terribly uneven. I'm surprised they not only used the costumes in this state, but kept using them. I understand the budget and time constraints for Voyager may have contributed to this, and maybe it wasn't as noticeable on the SD televisions of the time, but still, it's pretty surprising considered the usual level of quality of Star Trek costumes and props.
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