Will Smith decks Chris Rock at the Academy Awards

Pfft. I read this thread for the memes ... ;)
Thats right.

Initially I thought the slap was a kind of Andy Kaufman type of act. I was saddened to realize after it was not and Smith is the kind of guy who is literally one word away from assaulting someone.
The fact that the setting was a celebratory one and Rock was a peer made it much worse.
I'm so tempted to post Bill Maher's take on all this, but I'm not sure if it crosses the line in terms of forum rules. I HIGHLY recommend everyone watch it because with every point he's dead on.
I remember when Mike Tyson was banned from boxing for life... apparently no one on the boxing commission does. Oh well. It will be as etched in stone along with Alec Baldwin, John Landis and Kevin Spacey.

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