Will Smith decks Chris Rock at the Academy Awards

Poor form to make fun of someone dealing with alopecia and even poorer form to resort to violence over it. The fact that this happened on the same night as Will winning the biggest award he can in his industry will forever taint it. Never put your hands on someone else and never let someone else put their hands on you.
Initially that looked staged, but after seeing, and hearing, Smith's reaction....no way. He was visibly angry. However....these are actors...so maybe...
Plus those F-bombs on live TV. Wow. Rock was poking fun JPS's medical condition, so perhaps he deserved something, but not an assault.

I don't follow anything of actors (other than seeing a headline that maybe says whats up with one of them). Haven't watch the Academy Awards in many many years now.
Didn't know Will's wife had alopecia, or even what that was until I just read this. Upon first seeing the clip, I thought she just shaved her head for some upcoming role.
Staged or not, who knows. That smacked had quite a good "thud" sound to it.....BUT, this is also a huge Hollywood thing, and is known for the best sounds and sound editing.....
Curious to know what happens now after this though.
Talked to a friend that was backstage. Reports had to be made for insurance and production. Not staged. But one major issue that is being talked about is talent safety. The other side of it is how many people are talking about an awards show and how many now know what alopecia is.
Looks like it was for real. This was posted on Reddit. It's an image of Will's publicist talking to him during the commercial break after what happened. More than likely telling him to not mention it if he won any awards.



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I thought people knew about alopecia from Arrested Development.

Kind of classless but Rock has been gunning at his wife for a bit (although Im not a fan of her) so Rock has been pushing it.

The Academy Awards has been dead for a long time imo. A bit of a shame since its one of the few times when the cast/staff get credit for things like making amazing costumes and CGI.
Yeah I had to react to getting punched in the face once like it was nothing… and it was just me smirking, joking… through black stars - then immediately went to the washroom and ran cold water over my face cuz damnnnnnn.

Chris did well. Bravo.

Will I lost respect for.

He could have had a hero moment. Took it backstage. Walked up and said something instead of punching him. He could have brought it up when he ended up winning.

But the reality is he’d been dragged for looking like a cuck while his wife had that affair, and this was hm trying to make up for it.

Bad move.

If jadas husband had been just a regular guy, and he got up and did that? He’d be immediately arrested

I watched that doc where he was trying to lose 20
Pounds and “write” his book. That guy is so out of touch with reality at this point.
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Seriously though Will's reputation and their marriage has been the subject of celebrity gossip for a number of years now. While they're entitled to their privacy, they also invited a lot of that controversy into their lives with a tell all book. Hollywood has always been the breeding ground for exploitation of some kind or another and everyone knows it. The fact that Rock went for low hanging fruit may have been in poor taste but it was tame compared to the way Ricky Gervais roasted everyone at the Golden Globes and he didn't get physically assaulted for any of it.

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