Wild force power rangers helmet foam template


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Awesome work sandy11 keep up the epic work are you sharing the templates out? if so can I request the wild force red helmet template? Would love to build one :) Thanks


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i like your red and black wild force ranger and gokai red helemet, i want to fit the helmet to my head size, but i cant open the file beacuse i asked for a password for opening in pepkura designer, i hope you can help me to unlock them :)
my email is: alonso.gaona.itq.mec@hotmail.com
i hope you have a nice day
and thanks for the heltmes they're amazing!


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men wich helmets do you still had , me and my academy parners wanna do a video ... can you share me some ... do you had facebook acount ? ... waiting for the answer


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Wow, these are good. A bit late but would you be able to send me the red and silver wild force files?

e/ If you need my email, I'm available at redredredid(at)gmail.com
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Wooowwww Thats very awesome.. :D

May I request to have the wild force blue ranger helmet template?
If you can, please send me to my email einaru12345@gmail.com

Thanks before :D