Why do I get an "XYZ started a thread..."-notification?


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Hey guys,

I have no clue where I can opt out of being notified every time someone starts a new thread. I can´t see a connection there to any of my choices regarding notifications, nor can I see a connection to any subscribed thread. Its like I am missing a button for "notify me if something is posted within a forum I watch".

So, what do I do?
Is it only happening in threads that you are watching or interacting with?

If it is only happening to threads you watch, have you checked your preferences for your account?

If you haven't checked those, go to: Your account > Settings > Preferences

Then make sure the two boxes in the image below are not checked. Those watch the threads you interact with and email you notifications each time something new happens in those threads. So you do not want those checked.

Also, you may have inadvertently clicked the "Watch" button located at the upper right of the thread list page for a particular forum. If you have, the button will read "Unwatch" and you should click that to change it back to "Watch".
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