Suggestion An RPF-wide standard for product delivery? A proposal...

No, I love everyone’s response. And if it took my stance to hear some of this then maybe that is okay.

I do not expect my product anymore and do not feel in any way “entitled” to it.

In response to the great response here (and thank you) the thing that REALLY gets me is how any of us here are often treated with silence and secrecy when a problem or major delay comes up.

I’ve been through it more than once.

And certainly not talking about pandemic delays. I felt this way for the last year.

I think that is certainly now in the territory in which I agree.

Open and honest communication is key to a run and how it progresses. As long as when a genuine issue arises, people are given that info and told clearly how it affects the run, then I don't think anybody bar the odd one or two, that would be upset by that, or call it unreasonable.
I've only been involved with a couple of runs, and those were all on the buying end, and they all mostly went well. One run that didn't was when the builder contracted part of the work out to another member who never delivered and put the run in peril of never being completed. The person kept us in the loop and even though it took a long time the run was eventually completed. Things happen out of the control of the person doing the run but the main thing is they need to let the buyer know what is going on. The policy of only buying from well respected members works for the most part but we have all seen runs where the member disappears and is never heard from again.
I think the problem is people think it's a hobby. As soon as so produce and start selling something, it's a business. Businesses have to live up to certain standards.

That said, here's my 2 cents worth. Thirds. When a run is announced, to secure your place on the list and gauge genuine interest, the first installment is paid (covering startup costs and R&D). When the product is actually ready to be physically produced, the second installment is paid (covering manufacturing and material expenses). And finally, when the product is ready to ship, the final installment is paid.

Maybe that's an oversimplification, but something like that might work. At least you won't be in for the full price of something you may never get.
It still gets down to the buyer. Some people are willing to put up with a lot to get something they really want, just look at the people still buying from Anovos and hoping they will get what they ordered while some people have been waiting for years. You, as a buyer, have to decide before you pay anything whether or not you can afford to loose any money and if you trust the seller based on past performance. This too is an oversimplification but you need to start somewhere.
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