Which Millennium Falcon Version Do U Prefer?

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Junk Pilot, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Junk Pilot

    Junk Pilot Sr Member

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    Just out of curiosity which version of the Millennium Falcon do you Falcon addicts prefer?

    Do you prefer the original 5ft version from Star Wars (and no it is not A New Hope)


    the 32in version built for The Empire Strikes Back?

    I prefer the original 5 footer but the way it looked in SW. I like the addition of the extra landing bays which help to make it look symmetrical overall.
  2. Hotshot

    Hotshot Sr Member

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    Definatly the ESB Falcon, cause it just has so much more detail. Also the colors are a little more subdued, i don't think a hunk of junk should have such bright reds and blues. Plus, It just looks nicer. B)
  3. Vinyl Guy

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    I'm not to sure how this topic is actually associated with Studio Scale Model Building. ?


    "Vinyl Guy"
  4. Hotshot

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    I would have to say it does, mostly for which is the better reference and /or challenge to build.
  5. phase pistol

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    And yeah there are lots of implications for model building. For one thing the ESB-ROTJ version has a different configuration of landing gear.
  6. Jedi Dade

    Jedi Dade Sr Member

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    I tihnk its a tough call to say wich has more detail etc... If anything I think the 5 footer has more detailing on it... As to which version I like the best I'd go with the 32". The differences that were made in that model I think made it looks more functional The extra landing bays etc. Basically though its comparing 2 peices of art that happen to be the same subject - both are incredible models and really there is no "right" shoiuce here...

    Jedi Dade
  7. astroboy

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    Even though I love the additional landing bays of empire, The paint job of the ANH model is far more impressive to me.

    I wonder what reasons they had for all the changes in empire?
  8. Nwerke

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    Biggest. Necropost. Evar!!! lol.

    The reason was mainly that the half-mockup built for Star Wars was quite unstable and needed extra support in the form of a fake service connection, so they wanted the two extra gear bays for the complete (though sub-scale) mockup built for ESB.
  9. Junk Pilot

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    OMFG, I can't believe someone dug out this old thread. Lol

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