Which Millennium Falcon Version Do U Prefer?

Junk Pilot

Sr Member
Just out of curiosity which version of the Millennium Falcon do you Falcon addicts prefer?

Do you prefer the original 5ft version from Star Wars (and no it is not A New Hope)


the 32in version built for The Empire Strikes Back?

I prefer the original 5 footer but the way it looked in SW. I like the addition of the extra landing bays which help to make it look symmetrical overall.

Rhett J Martin

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Definatly the ESB Falcon, cause it just has so much more detail. Also the colors are a little more subdued, i don't think a hunk of junk should have such bright reds and blues. Plus, It just looks nicer. B)

phase pistol

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And yeah there are lots of implications for model building. For one thing the ESB-ROTJ version has a different configuration of landing gear.

Jedi Dade

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I tihnk its a tough call to say wich has more detail etc... If anything I think the 5 footer has more detailing on it... As to which version I like the best I'd go with the 32". The differences that were made in that model I think made it looks more functional The extra landing bays etc. Basically though its comparing 2 peices of art that happen to be the same subject - both are incredible models and really there is no "right" shoiuce here...

Jedi Dade


Master Member
Even though I love the additional landing bays of empire, The paint job of the ANH model is far more impressive to me.

I wonder what reasons they had for all the changes in empire?


Master Member
Biggest. Necropost. Evar!!! lol.

The reason was mainly that the half-mockup built for Star Wars was quite unstable and needed extra support in the form of a fake service connection, so they wanted the two extra gear bays for the complete (though sub-scale) mockup built for ESB.
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