Where to find full Pred costume


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Hello there. I am new to this site and am not an artist by ANY means. I have love the Predator since the very begining and have always wanted a life size costume. I browsed around the forums and im impressed by all the artwork. I was wondering if i wanted a full costume, what am i looking to spend and who would make one for me. I like the Celtic pred from AVP-1 and wanted one resembling him. Would you be interested or could you help me in the right direction. I appreciate your time. Thanks! Jamie


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Jamie. Welcome to the lair. Please read the following threads





You'll find that browsing and reading the available resources is the best thing to do, as posts like this tend to get existing members a bit riled up, as it appears as though you haven't browsed as much as you say you have, being that some of your answers are in the very category your first post is in. So before you get too badly flamed by anyone, read up here, and be sure to send personal messages to any of the prop makers or sellers you wish to purchase parts or an entire suit from.