Where to buy Gremlins 1:1 kits in USA

O. F. Gunner

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As the thread states is there any reliable source here in the USA? Oh and I'm talking about the large 24" to 28" one.
I've seen some places on the net but not sure? like
Hobby Warrior?

Thanks in Advance


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Did you try ebay again? These days several sellers have that kit... always the same recast though, but that's still nice and the price is low.


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I have a large dreen one built up BUT legs need to be
reglued straighter and little touch up.

He somewhere in my photbucket link below.

Check it out and let me know. I know I did put a few bucks in
back ewhen I got him.

I also have 3 life sized gremlins from the master "Ronculus'

Gizmo, strip and a round furball I will sell or package them all.

Let me know
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