What sabers do you wear to events?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Banquo Fett, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Banquo Fett

    Banquo Fett Well-Known Member

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  2. SWFreak

    SWFreak Well-Known Member

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    I wear my Larbel EL O, I don't think it's too heavy.
  3. amish

    amish Sr Member

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    I have never worn one of my sabers, but if I had to choose one based on comfort, I would probably go with a replica graflex or a resin copy of something.

    I would be too afraid to wear anything else, SWFreak, I admire you for wearing your O, I love that saber, and even though I dont have a Larbel version, I cant imagine wearing it :)

    Whatever you are comfortable wearing is probably the best way to go, maybe pick up a broken FX and detach the blade.

    Take care,

  4. Durasteel Corporation

    Durasteel Corporation Well-Known Member

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    aaaaachhhh I hate it when I hear stuff like "its too heavy" please reconsider the glorious pain of gravity. Soldiers are out there right now hefting 60 odd pounds...you can carry a 6lb lghtsaber ;) C'mon your jedi costume isnt armor....you can heft a saber for a while. Be a man, speak softely and carry a big stick :D
  5. Ohblee

    Ohblee New Member

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    I've got an older Parks pre-EL that I wear with my Jedi stuff.
  6. SWFreak

    SWFreak Well-Known Member

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    Trust me, I keep it closely guarded. I keep it tethered to my belt.
  7. wackychimp

    wackychimp Well-Known Member

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    I use an aluminum Vader-esque saber since I don't want to hang an expensive MR or Heiland off my belt. ;)
  8. darthgoat

    darthgoat Well-Known Member

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    I've also worn my Larbel O and it has got a couple battle scars to prove it.

    I've worn my Roman Mara Jade Mystery of the Sith saber too. I got that back way back. There are only a few out there so its pretty unique.
  9. C-DUB

    C-DUB New Member

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    Nothing is better than the real deal, so to speak. I always wear my MR Dooku. It gets a lot of compliments. It's heavy, but I've grown used to wearing it. I put it back in the display case between gigs and it still looks good as new.

    When I get tired of that, I also have a F/X Dooku I made that I carry. I gutted a Vader F/X and placed the electronics in a really ugly hollowed out resin Dooku hilt. The batteries are worn on a sweatband and lead down my wrist into the grip. :love
  10. Wookiee Scalper

    Wookiee Scalper New Member

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    Parks only. I know how some people feel about parks around here. but they are better then any harware saber I own. Mr needs to make removable blasdes. THEN I will use thiers.
  11. Banquo Fett

    Banquo Fett Well-Known Member

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    Ach, I should clarify. I never meant that it was too heavy to carry -- just so heavy that it would cause the costume to look askew as one side of the belt would undoubtedly droop down with the weight of saber.

    I guess the question is answered -- most people wear hollow (non MR) replicas or resin sabers.

    I think if I was gonna do this, I'd use a resin copy of an MR saber.
  12. p0sitr0nic

    p0sitr0nic Well-Known Member

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    Once I get my custom molded and resin copies made, Ill wear the resin copies.
  13. bleyd

    bleyd Sr Member

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    Talk about heavy. I wear my Larbel EL Maul. Now that thing is heavy. I used to wear the one that the lifesize figure has but there's nothing like letting a kid hold a fullsizes metal saber when he tells you it's fake. (Kids relate metal to being real and plastic as toys, in my experience.)
  14. Jedidentist

    Jedidentist Well-Known Member

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    Depends. I'll wear the MR OWK ROTS if I'm doing static shots, or don't want to bother with a blade. Otherwise, I've got a modified Parks OWK ROTS that I wear. They're both "heavy", but if you're going to do a costume, you should do it right and not worry about weight. The rest of the costume is frickin' uncomfortable, so what's an extra pound matter?
  15. Banquo Fett

    Banquo Fett Well-Known Member

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    Well, there's also the matter of potentially messing up the MR saber, many of which are becoming hard to replace or expensive to do soÂ…
  16. JediG60racer

    JediG60racer Sr Member

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    I wear either my EL TPM O or my Graflex ANH (non EL)
  17. TK-4140

    TK-4140 Well-Known Member

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    I wear a Parks EL but without the EL if I go with my ROTJ Vader or a Icons ANH with my ANH Vader.

    Greetings Guido
  18. Darth Lars

    Darth Lars Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I have worn my home-made Obi-Wan TPM. Would classify as a custom, as I still have not stained or painted the black parts yet. I have also worn the Anakin AOTC/ROTS hybrid I made, but that one is sold now.

    I have been asked by a board member to build an aluminum version of a MR saber he had, because the MR was too heavy. :unsure

    IAMMAUL Active Member

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    If your belt droops you may want to consider adding extra support. I made my DM belt and the only thing keeping that up are some Sam Browne buttons and the leather loop to hide the buttons. I carry a custom DM saber that sits right around 8lbs. :)

    Rudy G.
  20. Jumpin Jax

    Jumpin Jax Sr Member

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    The last time I wore a saber, pre my empire days that haven't ended, it was a Obi saber ala Star Wars that I made. Light and not made of anything too valuable. It was also partially hollow as the main component was a chunk of wood. I dropped it MANY times, and I'm surprised the emiiter, a brass candlestick head, hasn't broken despite all the bends. I don't have any MR saber save for my smashed Vader, but may wear a fanmade Mace witha covertec someday.
  21. rigormortis

    rigormortis Well-Known Member

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    I gutted an MR Vader FX for my hilt (carefully took it apart so it still works), but i still carry another FX for indoors/night events.
  22. Obi-TN

    Obi-TN New Member

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    I wear a resin copy of the TPM/AOTC OWK saber with my OWK Clone Wars costume. I did have a problem where the Covertec came out of the saber, but I fixed it and so far that has held through several hours of wear. I paid about $60 for it which is much less than the $525 for the MR Elite Edition TPM or the ~$800 that the MR AOTC sabers go for now.

    When I get around to doing a Dooku, I hope to find a resin or something similar because I don't want to use my $800 MR.

    Now, if I was doing a static photo shoot, I would use the MR; but if I'm walking around and might be running into things or have people running into me, I will wear something else.

    BTW, I think there may be legal repercussion from re-casting an MR saber.
  23. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    MR ep3 anakin FX, converted so the blade is removeable.

    if you just want the hilt... take the batteries out and its light as a feather.

    but its still pretty light with the batteries in, and i put a piece of electrical tape near where the blade starts to come out of the emmiter and it holds suprisingly well, it only shot out when i swung it back and forth litterally as hard as i could, i think if it woulda hit someone it might have killed them.

    but normal swingign and twirling it works suprisingly well...

    you can do this trick with the ep5 vader FX as well
  24. defyitall

    defyitall Sr Member

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    I have a Graflex replica converted to a decent Anikin ROTS that I hang on my belt. Though people have commented as to why I have 2 since I carry my Force FX around.
  25. Gytheran

    Gytheran Sr Member

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    I use to carry my Roman MK1 on my belt. That puppy was no where close to light. :)
  26. Jedi Conductor

    Jedi Conductor New Member

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    Well I wear any one of my sabers to events. Mostly my MR Dooku. I have also worn my Larbel O on occasion, and my daughter even uses my Parks MJ (under careful supervision). The weight doesn't bother me as much as the temperature of some of my costumes, so I don't use a lighter resin version. Besides if you're gonna wear a costume that is expensive (to buy or make), then you might as well wear the Hero version. I say go all out, show what you got....

  27. corranhornjje

    corranhornjje Well-Known Member

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    Just us a yoda saber. :) Must be considerably lighter. hehehe
  28. LogansRunner

    LogansRunner Well-Known Member

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    If its an anakin costume or obi, the sabers (E.III) for that pulled on the belts anyway, so those must have been considerbly heavy too...

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