What Pepakura File Would You Like To Have Made?

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No this is'nt a personal build this is more of a request thread. What get's requested, I'll unfold and share here. Just so some of you know I don't have 3D Modelling experience. What I do is rip the moel from a videogame if I can or I find a model using my sources and obtain permission from the modeller if I can, sometimes they cannot be reached yet they are still credited in the file. If you ask for a file to be made you'll get one of two answers which would be a Yes or a No, and a deadline for when the file will be released. So let the fun begin and if you have a request please ask here.
Anything related to Assassin's Creed (especially Brotherhood) will be appreciated here :)
(From the hood to the armor parts and even the clothes! A pepakura pattern could be translated into a fabric pattern quite easily... ;) )
Assassin's Creed I can do I think I have Ezio and the other main character (brainfart), Frisky Dingo sorry but don't have a way of getting that model, but the helmet does have similarites to a Space Marine Helmet.
I think the Batman costumes are much easier in foam but if a pep is made of them I'd definitely like pretty much any of the Batman costumes as well as the Desert Storm veriety but my all time top of the wish list of pep builds is this...

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The Mark IV Mjolnir Helmet from Halo Wars would be great! I've been looking for a good model, but I doubt pulling from a game would work, due to the nature of graphics in the game.
Working on a couple of the requests now, update will be tomarrow. And yes EoS I think I do have a HiC file around my PC. I've also contacted the person about the DS Batman Armor will await a reply.
I'd love a Johnny Gat mask from Saint's Row 3 (once it comes out).

Who wouldn't wanna be Johnny Gat? :)

Ok guys I have the Halo Wars Helmet just about done, as well as the Predator Bios. As for the HiC, don't know if I can do it or not I found my model of it the bad news is it's too High poly to use in Pepakura for my tastes. But I am willing to share the OBJ model I have of it.

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