What parts are used for this Greeblie?


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What parts are used for this Greeblie? It was used for differend Props like Biker Scout Thermal Detonator, A-and B-Wing Helmets. Any idea? Modelkit part, Electronical etc.? Sometimes it was separated into individual parts.Ok it's a pretty simple part and you could 3d print it but original is always better:)

376757_9 (2).jpg
844386-o (2).jpg
Without context, I'd classify it as a grounding lug or clamp.
Unfortunately the category is so wide, that finding that particular needle will be a challenge.
Given that at least some of the examples appear to be cast, modelling a similar piece should be a simple affair.
That would be possible, it almost looks like it. However, I think that they are parts from a kit because the screws and holes were added later.
The greeblie on the top, I’m wondering if it’s something that has slightly different versions of it? On the preproduction helmet there, you can see that the “tanks” are concaved around the screw head, but the part like that on a screen-used helmet doesn’t have a screw and the tanks aren’t concaved. Or perhaps the tanks are a soft material like rubber? Though that wouldn’t make much sense…

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