What latex do people use?

I've used the False Face latex a couple of times---I have a place I can get it from locally, but it's kinda pricey. It's not bad, but I prefer the latex from Monstermakers.com, and it's cheaper. An 8lb bucket (equivalent to 1 gallon) from Poly is $72, while a 1 gal bucket from MM is only $45. Besides the regular latex, Monstermakers also offers their latex pretinted white or black for a couple of bucks more---very much worth it if you're pouring stuff that's white or black.

Monstermakers is also a good company to deal with, and that's worth something, too.
WEll for what I am doing I am making a full body costume out of foam and I am needing to cover that with latex. Will the latex you are talking about be ok with that. I just get freaked out when I am looking at products because they all say for masks, not necessarily what I am doing that will be moving around alot.
ya the monster makers latex is great! my good friend made a entire ninja turtle suit with it from the mask to the latex covered foam body (kryptoboy1)
If youre doing an entire body suit you should get a 5 gallon bucket of latex. Theres slip-cast latex which is just a thinner grade of regular latex, but thats only useful if youre doing slush coats in molds. Burman Industries has good latex and is about the same price as Monster Makers. I upgraded to Burmans, but it helps if you can go in person because they will help you out big time. And they have really good pigments for latex as well.
For an outer layer like this, do these latexes stick like crazy? I remember one year my girl was Mystique, and we used liquid latex for most of her body, but if we didn't keep it powdered or polished it would stick to itself instantly and destroy the area.
Latex can be tinted with acrylic paints, like Mostly Fantasy said. You can also buy latex tint from Monstermakers, or get concentrated colorants from a paint store. Whatever you use, the raw tinted latex will never show the color strongly until it dries. For example, when I tint latex with black, it appears to be about a medium gray, but once it's cured it's black. So don't overdo the tint either---too much can weaken the latex (so I've heard) and wastes colorant. For most people, tinting the latex just gives them a good start towards painting it.

Freshly cured latex likes to stick to itself, Primo, which is why I always dust the inside of a cowl with baby powder before pulling it from the mold. Nothing sucks worse than having the insides of your bat ear stick together because it didn't get powdered! Once latex has cured for a few days, it generally won't stick to itself anymore.
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