Do you use castor oil to seal latex appliances?


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Hey everyone,

I cast some slip latex appliances for Halloween that I'm applying with prosaide. I'm using Mehron Clown White face paint over them (and the wearer's face.) I've noticed the makeup doesn't look the same on the prosthetics as it does on skin which makes it look even faker. The rubber mask greasepaint pallete I have is just skin tones and not white.

I read on here that Castor Oil is used on foam latex appliances to combat this I was wondering if it does the same thing for normal latex?

Also, is castor oil from the drug store the same stuff as the spfx makeup companies are selling to do the job?

Thank you for your time
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The castor oil you find at a drugstore or on Amazon, etc. is typically the same substance as what's used in special effects products (buy organic!) Good luck with your project (y)
And yes, it should do the same for regular latex.(y)
Thank you so much! I picked up a bottle today.

I really appreciate the help. I don't want to bug you any further but if you happen to have the time I was wondering if you apply the oil to the prosthetic in advance or after it's been glued to the face?
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