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What is your “Holy Grail” of movie props?


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Needs no introduction. I've been obsessed with them since I was a toddler.



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I have always wanted a complete section of the Nostromo/motherships hallway from Alien.
In the meantime I will have to make do with this Egg Chamber from Promethius. I was given it as a gift for working briefly with a relative who had worked on fabrication in the movie.
This piece came from the wall of cylinders stacked in the cathedral type room.


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Trap Joe

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my screen used, original ROTJ Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader reveal bald cap, together with Sebastian Shaw plaster head cast head, paperwork and production sheets of this particular scene. Comes from Stuart Freeborns workshop. Got it from Propstore of London


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I would love to own a screen-used Delorean, but I'm going to be realistic here and choose one that's about 1:40 scale.

I'd love to own this model Delorean from Back to the Future III. I know that people have made their own versions of it, of course, and that is what I will most likely resort to, but if I ever came across the original hand model and it was somehow within my budget? You can bet I'd grab it.

model delorean.png


Drag-U-La from The Munsters (1964)
Punisher’s 1911s from The Punisher (2004)
Night Slasher’s knife from Cobra (1986)
Fully loaded Airstream trailer from Grimm (2011)
Baby with the complete arsenal in the trunk from Supernatural (2005)
Dexter’s complete kill tools Dexter (2006)
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Ned Figglehorn

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Oh man do I have a few dream holy grails id like to own.

The original screen used hero Myers mask from Halloween (1978) would probably be the end all be all for me
An identity disc from Tron Legacy
The Graflex from The Force Awakens
The hero Ghostface robe from Scream (1996)
David Tennant's sonic screwdriver.


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Without a doubt, Ole' Greenie (Skywalker Yuma version). My all-time favorite scene in my favorite Star Wars Movie (ROTJ) and my favorite lightsaber. In 1983, i about jumped out of my movie theater seat and yelled, "Look Mom...It's green!! Luke has a Green lightsaber!!!

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