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What is your “Holy Grail” of movie props?

Either one of the fibreglass classic series TARDISes in BBC storage

Or the Classic sonic screwdriver, which was nicked off of John Nathan-Turner's desk in the 80s


Master Member
5 foot Millenium Falcon.
But I don't want the actual prop, I want to make my own, with all the real kit parts, while wearing bellbottom blue jeans and listening to Fleetwood Mac, and drinking Lowenbrau and smoking unfiltered Lucky Strikes.
That's the dream, but it'll never happen.
I'm too damn poor.


New Member
If you could own one single screen used prop from any movie, what would it be? Mine would either be the hanging tree hero puppet from the Nightmare Before Christmas or the Scarecrow costume from the Wizard of Oz. I would love to hear everybody else's dream movie props.

Joi Emanator -
My DREAM!, the dream is real.

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