What havent we made?... you all made


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I was curious what props, vehicles, costumes have not been done by the fan community. I wan to work on something original but not sure where to start my search. So I come to you.

Now tell me what hasn't been done....

Sluis Van Shipyards

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Some of the mysteries I haven't seen solved are the ROTJ Dengar gun and the two (three?) other Vibroblades from ROTJ. I only know of one part from one of those Vibroblades. That's all I have! :lol

Scott D

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A little over ten years ago, I started on a replica of the blaster pistol that came with the Kenner "Shadows Of The Empire" Dash Rendar action figure, but never finished it.

I've never seen anyone else make one...maybe I'll get back on that project soon.

Blue Leader

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For vehicles, no one has made a full-scale B-wing starfighter. That would be extremely impressive. :p

Strangely, no one has made any starship cockpits, either. At least not that I'm aware of (excluding the Falcon). A couple different groups have made full snowspeeders but the cockpits, if I remember right, were fairly basic. The full-scale TIE interceptor and TIE advanced I don't think have a cockpit at all, not one that could be sat in. It would be neat to see some starfighter cockpits that could be sat in... There are quite a few references for them, too, even blueprints for a Y-wing cockpit, and Rebel Assault II has some great shots of the B-wing cockpit. An A-wing cockpit would be fairly easily, there doesn't seem like there's much to it, and an X-wing cockpit doesn't seem too extremely difficult, either...


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I want to work on something original but not sure where to start my search. So I come to you.

How long is a piece of string??........

Unless you get paid for you replica prop building, then you.......and only you can decide what to build.

Asking what hasn't been made and that maybe you might build it, is like your lower intestine....stinky and full of danger....:lol:lol


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I would LOVE to see a full scale XWing and or / the cockpit. How about a Viper or Eagle from Space 1999. :)


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I personally would love to see a full scale AT-ST cockpit made! That would be most impressive!

This is one of the things I was thinking about. I got an old school technical diagram and was doing a little spec work. If I were to take it on, it would be a lengthy project as I would have to do it with scavenged parts. maybe I will start digging up reference material.
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