What foam are folks using


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Building a mark 42 suit not the best idea for a newbie, is very fideley but Owell looked on here for advise and guide etc, everyone suits looks a lot better than mine, and the material looks a lot better, I'm using Eva foam got from Amazon says for use as garage floor tiles gyms etc, it works ok and got half decent results bit of rubbing down needed here and there but is nothing like. Seen people using on here any help would be most appreciated


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Good luck to you dude, just take it easy and be patient. Just put progress pics and questions on this thread and I'm sure a lot of people will help you.


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I use DuraFoam; high density,supple and can be painted right away.
But then again,it depends on what is available to you in your region.


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Looking at closed cell foam can buy in large sheet is this stuff the same or as good to use

DuraFoam roll was 168x100cm (5ft.5 x 3ft.3).It's easily cut by snife/scissors and sandable by hand/dremel.
Can be combined with Worbla to create extra/protective layer and instantly paintable (no primer needed).


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Im working on my first build as well and Im using these foam sheets from hobby lobby. The floor mat style ones seemed like they would be a bit of a pain for the smaller detailed cutting required. http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/12-x-18-red-foam-sheet-5mm-344127/

This is what I used for the majority of my Mark VII build. I went with the 5mm foam because the Iron Man suit was already a snug fit on me and I needed to reduce the internal mass... the thicker the foam the more space you lose on the inside of the suit. Now if you're slim and you're floating in the suit, this might not be an issue for you... I used the floor mat foam for my Gears of War boots because I wanted to *increase* mass on those.

I also use the floor mat type foam for parts of the front of the chest (I wanted more solid foam to hold my unibeam assembly in place) and a few other spots. But generally the 5mm is strong enough to hold its shape and is easier to work with than the thick stuff. The 3mm seemed a bit too floppy for anything but small detail work... I did use 3mm for on my hands for mobility reasons.
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