WH40k Emperor's Children (noise marine) W.I.P.


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Hello friends! My name is Ruslan. I live in Russia and I know very little English. I am sorry. I have to use Google translator to communicate with you.
I have long dreamed of making a spacemarine suit. This forum inspired me. In the topics I saw how other people do it. I am grateful to users of Hasenbrau and Sylgian and jFcustom for ideas and materials. And for the knowledge necessary for work.
Earlier, I and my girlfriend, did costumes on World of Warcraft. You can see them in the photo.
But now I want to give all the time to creating a dream suit. At the moment, I made the helmet base with Pepakura. I used Eva Foam 4mm thick (70A). Also, I did not understand the dimensions (935 and 850) and made a 935 size shell. He does not fit my height (167 centimeters) and I will redo it.
Now I'm busy preparing patterns for size 850. I want to create an ordinary spacemarine. Then decorate it for chaos.
A few pictures =)

The basis of the helmet:

Patterns and ... How to say it in English? Shell?

My small workplace =)

Since I was mistaken with the size, I decided to make my legs. Start from the size of your legs.
Thank you for attention. And again I apologize for my English..)


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Today I did not do anything. It's a pity.
But I managed to make comfortable patterns of legs. As I said, I started using the size 850. I'll try to build my legs on the weekend.
I placed each part of my foot in a separate A4 group. I will share the file if he needs someone.
Thank you!



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Hello! I again made a mistake when I did my leg. I spent quite a lot of stuff: C

After this mistake, I went over everything in pepakura. This material is dear to me. I do not want to waste it. After producing the leg, I proceeded to the boot. This part was nice to collect. Cardboard is used instead of the sole. Then I will replace the cardboard with plywood.

I like Eva Foam. It's a pleasure to work with her. But I do not always understand what angle this part has.


I use cyanoacrylate for gluing. From the inside I add a layer of hot melt. It seems to me that it will be stronger.

I set myself the task of finishing my legs. Then the cowards will be made. Then I will be able to try everything on myself and make platforms for increasing growth.

I'm interested in comparing prices:
EVA FOAM: 1550\850\10mm (density 70) - 27.4$
EVA FOAM: 1800\1000\10mm (density - 55) - 28.5$
cyanoacrylate: 20ml - 3.3$
Hot glue: 1 stick - 0,3$

And finally. My assistants, who are very disturbed.

tE1jcNxlY28.jpg UuQL0WO7EqQ.jpg


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I have not come here for a long time. I had a long break.
But now I have results. I want to show them to you.
I'm gradually redoing all the armor. From the old, only shoes and "cowards" will remain.
Old helmet:

And new:

left leg and boots - old, hips(?) and right leg - new

New legs:


Old chest:

and new (I did not make a neck(?)):


The first fitting. I mixed the right and left thigh :D

And I almost finished my backpack! It was a difficult part for me. And I like it. more photos. The process of work.

tOmcxuQAnv0.jpg GsidXrDVFI8.jpg _jVuR16t2xU.jpg





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some photos. I was very tired and cut my finger. But the mood is excellent!
Tomorrow I will publish more information.




And yes. The speakers work. 60 watts!
I am very happy!!!