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Okay so I posted looong ago about an idea for making some lightsabers that got the nix-nix,I've been busy as hell and in the last two months decided to try something to make some money-hand made statues,first attempts were...bad,very bad,kinda of thought to make something on the lines of Nightmare before Christmas but of my own design.

So I sat and started planning,thinking,and scheming :lol

Then it hit me:I love anime,and way back my first love was giant robots and the old 50's ones like Robby the robot why not go that way? I could make them from old scrap and crativity~hmmmmmmmmmmmm! :love

What follows is what I've been doing the last week,my first go at it and quite pleased,need to make a few then-to see if I can sell this! tell me what you think of the idea,every one will be unique as it'll depend on what parts I use and how I use them:












Not done,need to get some glass/plastic beads for it,make some claws,add a few sensors/protrusions et cetera,and maybe a few more things.

If you like them I'll post whatever new ones I make :cool
I'm just curious as to what others think of the idea,there is at least one place making robots from scrap but they look like scrap,mine are shooting for a more "off world" look :lol

Lots of drilling,polishing,cutting,and mixing of two ton epoxy to make this,but it's easy enough and fun that I'm enjoying myself....I think I have posts enough to post an "interest" thread in the junkyard,no? so I'll do that there.

This one is to show off my work and the designs I'll come up with.

So check back often and see what's new-for now I'll get some pictures up of the nights progress (I'm a night owl) in a few minutes.






This one is about 98% done,make the other claw later today and affix that,then Friday go get some glass/plastic beads and put a few on,attach the head and start on the next one!

So expect an update on the finished bot on Sat and some pics of the starting of the next one! :thumbsup
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Okay,so the claws took a bit more work then I expected,but 'tis done! :lol






And in a short bit expect a shot of what's next,going to be a good bit bigger :love
Thank ye roostercat,one of the perks of living in WV :cool

I got my head around the first part of the second one,not so sure if I'm gonna keep those feet :confused

Okay,so after some test fitting I could see Mr. Big Pants here was gonna have a time staying up so......remember what I said about dioramas? well I decided for this I need a base,a bit of wood board,circuit board,and paint later:


Smoothing out the legs and polishing the feet,the pic is just a test fitting,gotta let the epoxy dry on the base before I do more and level off one leg then screw it down tight.
Yes I'll probably paint some of them,thanks for the info,others are just whatever natural metal colors it comes in,on another forum I go to one of the guys called what I do "industrial art" and that's pretty close to what I'm actually doing.

I have some ideas what to do next,but there's a lot of cutting going on so I'll have more pics up in awhile :thumbsup
Okay-this one had me scratching my head for a bit,I needed a middle section and all my digging came up with el squat that worked....
so I went to Lowes yesterday and bought what I felt would work,test fitting today proved successful:


Now to get it all together,the white middle section is going to be silver,and the upper and head are going to be painted black.

So I'm rolling again! well I did some test fitting on robot #3 while I was stuck I'll post a few pics in a day or so :D
They are looking kinda steampunkish. Which that is a very interesting concept for a design vibe for robots.
Okay,today was mostly spent painting but I did also start in on the head-think maybe I'll leave it silver as it contrasts nicely with the black upper half and melds with the silver middle:


all a test fitting for now,need to work on the arms next and a way to fit the pieces together (hint-rivets) and hook up the arms and such.
and the few dozen others things like little bits and such.
The results of an afternoon's worth of work:


Finished and secured the head,riveted the chest to the torso,made a chest piece,and started the pilot holes for the arms.

And as promised the very early stages of robot #3:


Honestly I'm surprised how easy this is for me :confused
Okay got some hands and a buzz saw set up and test fitted,here's some close ups for you to see what I use-some radio parts and a random nut,the hand is off a cheapo Transformer rip off:




And a new shot of Robo with his new mitts on for a test fitting:


Now to sand,paint,polish and finish the parts and attach them.

And if you're wondering about where I'm taking the pics-was at the local Harbor Freight and saw this snazzy work bench with an built in neon light and such for $99 so I bought it! :D


Another day or two of work and this bot will be done,then on to the next.
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