Wasteland Weekend Nuke: Final Pictures Up!


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So Wasteland Weekend is creeping up on us here in Southern California and after finding out they were in need of a center piece to their post-apocalyptic camp, I figured I'd take on the task.

As of today, I have the main body structure done and is already at about 5.5ft at its highest point and a 2ft diameter.

Now I'm planning on wrapping it in a pvc paneling but from what I've read, it expands and contracts with the temperature so my only worry is the paint holding up and not cracking under the hot dessert day or cold night. Any recommendations on paint to use?



On the to do list:
  • Tail end
  • Wrap it
  • Control box
  • Paint it
  • Add stencils
  • Distress
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Re: Wasteland Weekend "Dud Nuke"

Subscribed! : )

Looking great so far.
When I was at Home Depot I saw they had several different paints for car engines that were rated to very high temperatures. I assume that means they're also able to handle expansion and contraction? I don't think they were all that expensive either.
The only other thing I could think of would be something made for foam leather and vinyl since it's very good at handling flex (Meltonian brand for instance), but that stuff is hard to find in flat colors, it's usually glossy.
Re: Wasteland Weekend "Dud Nuke"

Thanks for the advice but I found fiberglass sheets that will be easier to paint and will curve just enough to wrap the cylinder. The only problem I foresee is weight balance issues. I added about 25lbs so far to the side that needs it but I have a feeling it wont be enough.

I added the tail sectional piece which added close to 3ft. It seems pretty big. I'll try to get a shot with me in it.
Re: Wasteland Weekend "Dud Nuke"

Wow, that's looking seriously impressive. Yeah, with that size we might have a bit of trouble keeping it upright. But I'm sure we can figure out something.
Burying the bottom of it by 6 inches to a foot will help, as would adding some more weight (I could probably donate some old steel dumbbell weights, or even better would maybe be an old lead-filled car battery or something - I'm sure our build guys could donate something heavy).
We could even cheat and build up a little mound of dirt to one side of it if we needed to.

Here's an idea, we take some kind of long flat piece (maybe a six foot section of pipe or something) and put it across the bottom, and then bury it all up to about 6 inches. That way the weight of dirt across the pipe helps hold it down.
I hope that makes sense the way I described it.

And as for your statement about fibreglass sheets, yes I think those are a good material choice. I wasn't suggesting you use leather or foam, just the paint that's for leather and foam since it doesn't crack with flexing.
But frankly I think some kind of heat resistant spray paint will probably work just as well, be cheaper and easier to find, and be a nice flat color.
Re: Wasteland Weekend "Dud Nuke"

Well if we're gonna dig it it about 6in or so then I may just leave a few inches of the structure exposed at the bottom so we could fill it with dirt, weights, or batteries as needed. But pipe idea should work well then if I leave the few inches at the bottom.

Oh yeah man I know what you were saying about the paint :thumbsup It just will be easier and predictable so I wont have to leave it to chance with the fiberglass. Also the fiberglass panels are just a few $$ more than the vinyl sheets which will in turn save me even more since I wont need to purchase paint.
Re: Wasteland Weekend "Dud Nuke"

So I've been dealing with the nightmare of cutting out the cone portion I finally got through it and is currently currently waiting for the glue to cure. The tail fins are all patterned out and need to be put together. Need to take more pics unfortunately this is the most recent one I have. I'll be working on it all day tomorrow so I'll definitely have more then.

Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

I have such a love hate relationship with hot glue. Over flow of glue landed on my thumb causing me to blow on it in attempt to cool it off when my thumb got a little too close to my lip and decided to share the pain. :wacko

Finished the fins and fitment is perfect. Since I made this out of cardboard I'll be laying down a few layers of resin and maybe even some fiberglass cloth.
Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

I was thinking of maybe one of those mobile home/shed tie downs. the kind you screw into the ground ? you could have it attach to the inner support structure to hold it down. Or if it is not going to be moved for a while, you could just sink a post into the ground, like a support piling for buildings and cell towers. My apologies if you've already considered these.
Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

Thanks for the suggestions weasel. I've never seen those tie downs before so I'll definitely look into it. As of right now I just have a concrete weight at the bottom.

I'm working on the control box but after that is paint.:) My concern as of right now is that if i cut out a 6x8 square somewhere on the side that it will deform the shape in that area. Anyone have anymore insight?

Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

It's all painted up. I felt like Dexter putting up my 3mil plastic sheeting. :lol I'm redoing the fins out of fiberglass instead of the cardboard one that I originally made. Working on stencils right now. I may approach the control panel differently since I really don't want to cut into the shell. I have some panel sized aluminum which I may attach on top and make it look pried open and the wires spewing out of that. Difficult to see but I wrapped the bottom with vinyl and made it look "crushed" from the impact.

Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

Wow, how did I miss THIS?!
This is soo cool, can't wait to see more!

Are you going to put it in a small puddle like in F3?
Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

It's looking GREAT!
The puddle idea would be kind of cool visually, but I don't think it's going to happen. This is going to be used as a scenery piece at Wasteland Weekend next week, and it takes place in the Mojave desert. Unless we keep refilling the puddle constantly, it would dry out really fast.
What we'll probably do is just try to carve some grooves in the dirt around it like big impact cracks from when it landed. Or dig a shallow depression like it's an old, partially filled-in impact crater.
Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

Never played Fallout. I have a feeling I should check it out for inspiration. But yeah the puddle idea would look pretty cool but like he said, it wouldn't last very long being in the desert.

All this work on the nuke has made me forget about my costume. I guess I'll be throwing something together.
Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

It seems like the closer it came to the dead line the more work that seemed to magically pop up. But it's done. Here's the last picture I took before doing one of the stencils a couple hours ago.

Re: Wasteland Weekend Nuke

Haha Yeah I didn't even notice it until my dad pointed it out. Quite Ironic.

Also unfortunately there will be no control box like I originally planned. And I've got some rub n buff that I'm trying to figure out where and how to apply.
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