Star Trek 'Search for Spock' and 'Final Frontier' communicators

the 1st one is Valkyrie Props Scott Nakada, the other two are kits made by a guy whos username was Cincinnati Kid. Since mine aren't finished I'm showing pictures I found on the web. I see someone on Your Props , SLK, claiming the 3rd one is his own scratch build, he has a picture of the 2nd one too and he doesn't claim to have built that one, rather he says it was designed for STV and not used inn the movie. Sounds like BS to me, since I have both kits and I got them from a guy on the TPZ years ago.
You know now that I think about it, I might be wrong, that guys name could have been the St Louis Kid, so SLK would make sense, in which case what he says in his posts is true after all. Anyhow I got the 2nd two from a guy on the TPZ a long time ago.
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Well, I know I said I wouldn't... but here we are! :D While I'm waiting on a couple of parts to complete the STV/VI communicator I caved into my urge for completeness and printed up the parts for the STII communicator! Files are from 3DTechDesign on CGTrader, who also made the STV/VI version I'm putting together.

View attachment 1776553

There's a little bit more cleaning and tidying up to do as well as some further minor modifications to fit the electronics in but they've printed up nicely in general. I'm planning on adding the blinking red 'translock' indicator light as well as lights in the two translucent pieces - white in the 'hinge' and red in the bottom extension (as that's what seems to show in most stills from the movie showing the communicator being used).

Put together, it's actually not quite as gigantically clunky as I'd feared, though still a weird departure from the rather more sleek design aesthetic of the others (even the TMP wrist comms) and it stands out in the line-up, even unfinished. The TOS communicator is the Wand Company version. I'll assemble it and paint it up over the next few days. It's (hopefully) a relatively simple paint job - just matt/sating black and polished aluminium as far as I can tell.

View attachment 1776554 View attachment 1776555

The ST:TMP wrist communicators are made from files from LimeyBuilds on CGTrader, by the way, and offer several versions, both 'hero' and 'background' to mimic those seen on various crewmembers in the movie.

View attachment 1776556 View attachment 1776557
They all look awesome! did you get the TWOK painted up yet? be sure to share a photo! Those antennas look like real metal, I have to get some of that AK Xtreme Metals paint!
They all look awesome! did you get the TWOK painted up yet? be sure to share a photo! Those antennas look like real metal, I have to get some of that AK Xtreme Metals paint!
This is where I got to at the end of today. I've just got to tidy up and solder the wiring for the lights on the WOK communicator and then attach the translucent endpiece over the red LEDs. The lighted part that has the lid hinged to it sits quite firmly in place on its own so I'll probably leave it just snugged in place as it's easier to take the front plate off to access the battery with it lifted out. The front plate is held in place with 12 3mm magnets.

I'm also building a TOS communicator. That will have lights too, though I'm not planning to make the moire disc rotate! :D

I already have the Wand communicator, but it'll be nice to have another one for display with the full set!

IMG_4611.jpeg IMG_4614.jpeg IMG_4619.jpeg IMG_4620.jpeg IMG_4607.jpeg IMG_4608.jpeg IMG_4622.jpeg
More TWOK prop trivia:

The producers of TWOK initially asked John Zabrucky of Modern Props, Inc. to design new phaser and communicator props, but ultimately decided to reuse the existing phasers from the first Trek film. They redressed the phasers from TMP with new paint and electronics.
Good move, since this new phaser provided by Modern Props was as poorly designed as their ugly comm. Since this phaser was a non-screen used prototype (and ugly), it was sold by Heritage Auctions on June 29, 2016 for a relatively low $2,480.

Also, a “Power Generator” prop designed by Zabrucky is jokingly called "the most important device in the universe" as a result of its ubiquitous use in numerous science fiction films and TV series. The prop was originally built for the TV series The Incredible Hulk (1977) and has appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) (along with Zabrucky’s communicator prop); multiple Star Trek franchise TV shows; and the film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), among many others. It was openly ridiculed for having no apparent purpose in the film Airplane! II: The Sequel (1982). I forget the forum, but someone here on the RPF made a 3D printed model of it...and I want one! ;)
You can get the print files at The Most Important Machine In The Universe. I'm actually working on one right now, trying to figure out the electronics. (using 555 timers, not arduinos!)

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