Vulcan lyre..


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I'm curious if anyone has built a working one of these, and if so how it sounds?

Would it make more sense to do it "electric" style with a pickup under the strings? Or accoustic over a soundbox?


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I'm making a Vulan harp that will have an onboard amplifier as well as a sustain and tremolo circuit just to make the four knobs functional. ;-)

However, there is no "best" way. An acoustic harp wil sound more like a guitar or zither; an electronic version can sound like anything you wan to make it sound like given the current state of electronics.

Oh, and one other thing: the output-- the volume-- from an acoustic harp depends upon its size: the larger the soundbox, the greater the volume. By larger, in this case I mean the depth of the harp and not the width. Spock picked his harp up with one hand, so about an inch or so thick. But such a thin harp won't produce a lot of sound. OTH, if you make the har two inches thick, you'd get more vollume but it would be bigger, heavier, and maybe even harder to play. And it would probably wouldn't look good too. My harp is 1-1/2" thick-- a compromise between volume and comfort as well as aesthetics. The plans would make it 2" but I'd think that would be awkward. :)