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So far,so good.
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I'm NOT...a "New Member" as my profile indicates.
Bro, I don’t think anyone cares. Quality is quality. And you’ve got it in spades. Hell, it would have been even MORE impressive if you WERE a new member!
Regardless, stellar work.


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If you decide to make one for sale, I would be very interested.
Information in that regard will be posted. I can tell you this, the builder is HIGHLY ENTHUSIASTIC...about this project! I'm beyond grateful to him building this for me!!!

He is one of three harp builders that I know of that have a background in electronics!

One of the three recommended me to the present builder.

Your chances( anyone's) are VERY REAL!!!!

We plan to build a second possibly a third.
The second may be based off of a premis.
What if there was a Lyrette in the J.J. Trek movies?
I got permission from the designer to do it!!!

Thank you for your interest. Keep your eyes right here.
Postings will be based on info as I receive it.
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