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Verndari is Icelandic for Protector and this is a personal saber that I have been working on for a while now. It has a Petite Crouton 1.6 with Flash on Clash and a RGGB 10 Watt LED. The Flash on Clash is using the red and blue dice and produce a white with a purpleish tint blade. The real quartz crystal is illuminated by a 5mm green LED and there are 4 3mm LEDs in the activation box. (blue, red, green and amber) The main switch is in the bottom of the pommel and the aux switch is in the activation box. It makes it a lot easier to activate the blaster and blade lock up effect with the aux switch in the activation box. The crystal chamber just didn't look right with a normal size activation box so I made a wide, low profile box that is the same width as the the Crystal Chamber. I decided to make a very unique switch box that I could put 4 accent LEDs, switch and a recharge port in and I think it turned out pretty good.


Verndari :: DSCN1212.mp4 video by wadeh13 - Photobucket

Verndari :: DSCN1213.mp4 video by wadeh13 - Photobucket