Interest Veracity Labs - THE V2 FX Build (DIY Kit)


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FX Ready hilt (and Static assembly to come later)

7Chambers has opened reservations with prototype in hand.


INCLUDED IN THE BOX -designed by BRRogers ;) -

--This 7075 Aluminum Hilt designed by Verity Cosplay has been painstakingly cross-referenced for accuracy amongst all available photo reference in addition to correlative information that comes from the wooden buck, the original metal castings, and the available dialogue provided by the original makers.
(An excellent and trusted group provided fact /visual checks and accountability during our development and we thank you, you all know who you are.)

- NEW V2 long lever designed in collaboration with and provided by WannaWanga.
- Graflex Clamp by KRSabers.
- NEW paint stencil format designed in collaboration with Trooper Trent.
- Trooper Trent Gaffer tape & adapter.
- NEW V2 specific (vintage pcb inspired) clamp card designed by myself and vintage finished by Slothfurnace.
- Accuracy matched cone knob selected from a pool of vintage cone variants.
- Accuracy matched mystery chunk selected from a pool of boot studs. Model adapted by DANN. Threaded for ease of install.
- Accurately machined emitter bolt for the blade plug.
- D-ring
- Proprietary Stainless Steel long neck bolt "slug" for thin-neck support & dueling confidence.
- 1" blade emitter.
- 1” recessed neopixel cup adapter.
- Second FX pommel with ‘invisible’ sound-vent.

Other model features that we believe will make this a unique and accurate offering.
- Accurately interpreted pommel mark.
- Accurately drilled D-ring hole
- Booster/pommel connection geometry
- Grenade to clamp-body geometry
- Spinning nipple and emitter capable.
- Hidden vented pommel cap (like our Hero)
- Screw on emitter flanges ( like our Hero)

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 9.20.31 AM.png

Not included but compatible with:
-Common FX chassis diameters.
-Our all metal Crystal Chamber design available through
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The Prototype Slothfurnace/Veracity clampcard shown here: Bottom (raw) and top (vintage finished by Slothfurnace)
These require some small adjustments before the final version is ready (primarily just trace formation as it relates to the color depth and finishing you see now). The backside is pretty cool but I might save that as a surprise
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