Vandamme & Seagal - Where did it go wrong?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Monster Dave, May 5, 2012.

  1. Monster Dave

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    Hey everyone,

    So with EX2 coming out soon, I found myself really curious about the feuding between Vandamme and Seagal but haven't been able to find anything anywhere about really what started it all. Does anyone know why these two martial artists hate each other so much?

    Apparently it goes back pretty far:

    Seagal talks about Van Damme - YouTube

    Thoughts? Ideas? Answers??

  2. Goonie

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    Seagal is just jealous he didn't get a role in Breakin' like Van Damme did.

  3. robstyle

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    Its all ego's and such. Van Damme has lost his ego while Seagal still has his and its only gotten larger as his gut gets bigger.
  4. MooCriket

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    I still want to see that Power Ranger guy kick Van Damme's * over not signing an autograph for him years ago.
  5. who45

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    2 different fighting styles, each actor passionate to there individual art, so of course neither will praise each other, i think its more of segal not into van dammes movies or martial art style hence he wont say "i love his work" or say....... "hmmmm shall i be honest and say i think he is a crap star and his fighing style is nothing special".

    have to admit im a segal fan altho his films took a downward turn with this anti violence thing he went through, and van damme coke'd his career away in the 90's so hollywood would not touch him..... admire the guy still tho to be man enough and face the crowd and try still,.

    i dont think its a personal fued - just stevens opinion on another movie star but as he is in the limelight he wont be able to express an opinion without causing bitterness and pointless jealous reactions from other actors.

    movie stars are like us, normal people but they have to be careful what they say or do, we can get away with saying i think either actor is crap and not have it come back on us ;)
  6. Solochaser

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  7. Monster Dave

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  8. Wes R

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    Plus Van Damme had drug habit which really didn't help any.
  9. Monster Dave

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    I thought that didn't happen until the mid-late 90s though.
  10. CJS

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    I think I recall that it was because SS said VanDamme was a fake. SS knew actual martial arts and VanDamme was a gymnast pretending to be a martial arts guy. Something along those lines. Was all about street cred, which I guess VanDamme thought he had established on Breakin. The 80's had alot of bad acid going around lol.
  11. Wolfie138

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    huge fan of Seagal and he inspired me to start aikido. granted his films turned a to say the least but at his height i think they had some of the best action as regards realism. jcvd was intent on showing he could drop into lateral splits in every fight, it was a bit silly. Saw Seagal on his music tour, not really my type of stuff, but he's good. like the Lawman series too.
  12. dbalschi

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    :lol the guy to his right is the same guy who played Tong Po in Kickboxer
  13. Solo4114

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    I also heard -- but this is purely gossip -- that Van Damme was responsible for blinding a stunt man on the set of Universal Soldier, so that, coupled with the drug use and such, may have hurt his employability. Nobody wants to sign a guy where you need additional insurance riders just in case he does a high kick and misses.
  14. Rotwang

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    I bumped into JCVD several years ago coming out of a parking lot in the middle of the city and asked the way to a hotel that was way out on the periphery of town. He first tried Dutch, then a weird mix of French and English and he just didn't understand that he had to get back to his car and get to the ring road around the city, he just kept pointing at nearby streets and asked if this was the one leading to the hotel ... What struck me was how bad he looked. I saw him later at a con and he did look fitter overall.

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