Vader Cape and Helmet Placement Questions


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I tried a search and these specific subjects didn't come up; excuse me if it's been asked before.

ESB Vader: should the chest armor have a cape hook or not? I thought it did, but detailed pics at StarWarsHelmets and other sites don't seem to show it. If a hook (center front) *is* used, what's the best way to attach it to the armor? I have a brass hook, fiberglass armor. If I just epoxy it, I'm sure the weight of the cape will eventually break it off, no doubt messing up the paint. Perhaps *lightly" glue it with contact cement so it's more of a decoration, and use Velcro on the shoulders to hold the cape?

This is kind of a "do you dress left, or right?" kind of question :lol : does the neck flange of the helmet go above or below the armor? Again, I've seen it both ways, but either way will cause some finish damage to the helmet, armor, or both.

Thanks, guys!


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As far as the helmet goes, I think it goes above the armour, as seen here. This is fellow member GINO's ESB Vader:
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