Vader and Trooper buckets at the D.C. Air and Space Museum


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Today I went to the new temporary "50 years of NASA art" exhibit at the D.C. Air and Space Museum. When I visited the gift shop I was suprised to find a large number of Star Wars toys/poster/collectibles/FX sabers. On top of that they also have special order Darth Vader and Storm Trooper helmets starting at $125. Does anyone own one of these or know if they're worth anything? The trooper helmet looked pretty wonky but they both had signs claiming they were cast from the originals.

Anyways, just thought I'd share this odd find.
I don't understand why people continually misinterpret what it actually states about these helmets. It clearly states "cast from original LFL studios molds". THEY ARE.

It does however not state "cast from original movie production helmet molds".

I can see where that may confuse people.
Meh. For the average "joe", they'll love it and happily part with their cash. It will sit on their mantle and their friends will ooh & ahhh over it. He's happy. His friends are happy. We will never see any of them on the RPF. As far as they're concerned, it's dead on accurate...and they love it!
Let them.
Win, win...for them.

However, WE still chuckle. :lol
I tend to agree with The Funky Jedi... Sometimes, for some people, ignorance can truly be bliss ;). If they were really concerned with a screen accurate helmet, they could do some research and figure it out on there own.

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