Vacu-Former needed...


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Vacu-Former needed...

Hi all,

As many of you know, I own, and operate MMI (Millennia Models International). We have been on hiatus for the last year and a bit. Time to gather our wits, and just take a break from it all. We are back, in a limited fashion. Taking it easy, and getting it all up and running again.

Mold making, and resin casting are back. And in the next few weeks, several of our products will be available again. We have PE (Photo-Etch) up and running as well. The only thing we do not have anymore, is vacu-forming services.

Our best selling, and best known product, MMI-1001 Viper Cockpit Detail Set, needs vacu-forming. That dang canopy.. :) It is the only current product we need vac for. We hope, that once we have vac, we will be able to release the MMI-1002 Viper Dual Cockpit Detail Set. As well as many other ideas that have been festering in the background.

So, we are looking for someone that can do this for us. For a fee, of course. Someone who has experience doing this, and can show us what they have done. They must be able to make molds, male or female, that will last, as well as keep all the detail. They must have access to raw materials, such as clear plastic (PETG), and standard opaque styrene plastic. If they don't, I'm sure we can work that out. While the canopy pulls are small (2" x 3.5" flat stock), future items may be much bigger. So a larger area would be great. Items may be up to about 18" x 24". Although that need not be your current capability. But the ability to expand to that size is important. I don't what to have to go looking for a different vacu-former for each project.

Do you have the right stuff?? Oh god please.... :)

Please eMail me at needvacing @ Thank you for your time.
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